92% of Married Women in Egypt Have Undergone Female Genital Mutilation

92% of Married Women in Egypt Have Undergone Female Genital Mutilation

Famous photograph taken by a CNN reporter in the 1990s of female genital mutilation being performed in Egypt.
Famous photograph taken by a CNN reporter in the 1990s of female genital mutilation being performed in Egypt by a ‘health barber’.

Egypt’s Minister of Health Adel Adawy announced on Sunday that 92 percent of married Egyptian women have experienced female genital mutilation.

The latest results were announced at a conference held to reveal the results of the 2014 Egypt Demographic and Health Survey (EDHS).

According to the Minister, 92 percent of women aged between 15 and 49 who are or have been married suffer from genital mutilation.

The majority of females undergo genital mutilation between the ages of nine and 12, with only 31 percent of the operations run by doctors, said the Minister of Health.

The Minister of Health added that FGM in rural areas is as high as 95 percent, compared to up to 39.2 percent in urban cities.

The 2014 EDHS further found that more than 50 percent of married women in Egypt favor female genital mutilation and is in accordance with religious teachings, while 30 percent believe it should be banned. FGM is normally carried out by traditional midwives and ‘health barbers’.

Despite a large number of women surveyed believing that FGM is condoned by Islam, Egypt’s top Islamic authority has condemned the act as ‘un-Islamic’ and ‘barbaric’.

Moreover, Egypt banned female genital mutilation in 2008. Article 242 of Egypt’s Penal Code criminalizes the circumcision of girls The punishment for performing FGM is a prison sentence ranging from three months to two years or a fine of 5,000 Egyptian pounds.

Sohair al-Bata’a, the 13-year-old girl who died after undergoing FGM
Sohair al-Bata’a, the 13-year-old girl who died after undergoing FGM

In January 2015, an Egyptian court imprisoned the first doctor ever brought to trial in Egypt on FGM charges that resulted in the death of 13-year-old Sohair al-Bata’a.

The doctor was sentenced to two years in prison with hard labour for manslaughter and three months for performing the banned practice. The doctor also received a fine of EGP 500 ($US 68).

The father of Sohair was also sentenced to three months in prison for FGM.

According to the World Health Organization, Egypt, Somalia, Guinea, Djibouti and Sierra Leone have the highest rates of FGM. A 2013 UNICEF report found that Egypt has the world’s highest total number of FGM sufferers, with 27.2 million women having undergone FGM.

"The Son of a Garbage Collector Cannot Become a Judge": Egypt's Justice Minister
Egypt's Police Adopt New Strategy to Combat Violence Against Women

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  • Shawn

    I can’t believe this turned into a fight over whats worse male or female!!!! For fuck sake the female is held down and her clot is cut off. HELLO if you ate human and have feelings. You know that is wrong! Imagine watching that live or if that was your daughter you had to hold down? Wtf! 2017 this is fucking wrong and evil

    • Shawn

      Damn autocorrect

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  • Ozzy Guy

    Cut muslim men’s cocks off instead…that would solve many problems.

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  • Varnaud

    So…this article fails to mention that the majority of people in Egypt are Christians, Coptics to be exact. Be careful to criticize the proper religion when mentioning your outrage!

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  • freedomliberty4

    Circumcision (male or female) is a barbaric religious ritual practice, started eons ago. There is not scientific, medical reason to practice it. The Egyptians preformed circumcision before the Jews were a nation.

    “I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish Church, by the Roman Church, by the Greek Church, by the Turkish Church, by the Protestant Church, nor by any Church that I know of. My own mind is my own Church”. (Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason)

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  • Garret Nagle

    Its evil..pure and simple…

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  • Paul Frohlich

    Both male and female genital mutilation must be banned in Europe its heading that way, and those that practice this brutality on innocent boys and girls should be hung

  • GirlWithAPearl

    There is nothing in Islamic law that requires a female to be circumcised. Muslim women throughout the world are NOT circumcised, cut or anything. Many devout Muslims no nothing of this practice where they live. FGM is particular to Africa and some areas of the Middle East, but more so in the continent of Africa, among Muslim and non-Muslim societies and predates the Islamic era. It should be eliminated, but along with racism, sexism, tribalism that is rampant through Africa and the Middle East it is an educational process. For those who protest and want to claim there is a difference, you can not look at a non-circumcised woman and know that detail. And there are millions of devout Muslim women who observe their chastity simply because that is what they want to do without the benefit of any surgical procedures. Were the women in the Prophet’s household circumcised? No, I don’t think so.

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  • David

    My friends were circumcised by the Army before being deployed to Vietnam. It can be a hindrance having a foreskin in unsanitary wet conditions. In places where you can clean yourself,not a problem. Also there is the prostitute factor,when a man is in the military. I hear being circumcised can help. Google to find answers. On the Female,mutilation,how can people be so cruel. On a religious basis, If one believes that God is a perfect being,why change something He/She created. So God made a mistake when the clit was created? I think not. I love them! ROFL 🙂

  • Anyone who is cool with Jesus’ program is Christian. I dont think it’s fair to think they are all loonies.

  • Is Barack taking his daughters to the doc for this procedure? And you all have your skivvies in a bunch over Josh Duggar?

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  • Mckenna

    Egypt isn’t the highest of the countries to be performing FGM. Somalia is the highest at 98% also Egypt is only at 17% of FGM for girls younger than 14. In Egypt, 77% of FGM was performed by doctors (licensed) but this was in 2008 when it was still legal. Anesthesia was regurally used during these procedures but since the apparent ban (that regurally goes unenforced) doctors have stopped doing the procedures. Leaving FGM to people who aren’t medical professionals. Honestly if they wanted to put the ban, they should have enforced it or otherwise are disallowing doctors to perform FGM rather than people who aren’t in the medical feild.

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  • Adam

    guys stop trying to criminalize the stupidest of things… i’m circumsized and i have no problem with it… theres no cruel practice involved and everything functions normally. with FGM, on the other hand, it actually has negative consequences which include death… so no one should try to victimize men, especially when the women are the ones that suffer. In addition, you cannot 100% blame men in today’s world for these atrocious acts… stupidity, naivety, and lack of education prevent these men from actually identifying whats true and what isn’t… which is the case with FGM, as nothing is stated in the quran about it being mandatory. These false ideas are passed on from generation to generation, making heresay the most widespread sin in Islam, which is even adopted by the most respected of Sheikhs. And yes… heresay is actually a sin i read it myself so what i said isn’t heresay lol.

  • vivi1492

    Toute occidentale qui se convertit à l’Islam devrait passer par cette étape, l’excision. On verrait alors le degré de leur foi !

  • Frank

    Aua !!

  • Terri

    For those who can’t discuss FGM without bringing up circumcision: The clitoris in the female is directly analogous to the penis in the male. FGM is not comparable to circumcision, but to castration.

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  • Heidi Yehia

    90% that is no way an actual numb to claim Egyptian women went through that

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  • Brent Kerehona Pukepuke-Ahitap

    I abhor this practice but circumcision is the same, no one jumping up and down about that…

  • DeKadt

    This is a total disgrace ofcourse. Any civilized society should revolt against such midieval barbarism. What kind of human beings can tolerate such crazy traditions? You have to have some scews loose if you think this is normal. No wonder islamic societies are such a mess. My goodness, this is so awful.

  • Robin young

    FGM, as practiced on the African continent, can involve removal of the clitoris, the lips of the vagina known as the labia, the sewing together of the opening of the vagina, with a reed inserted to keep a small opening in the pubic area for urination. Menstruation must also flow thru this tiny hole. the purpose is to prevent intercourse, to keep a girl “pure” for her wedding night, when her husband must cut her open with a knife to have sex with her. Obviously, it is intended to destroy the woman/girls total sexuality. She can have no pleasure, only pain for the rest of her life – if she doesnt’ die from infection from the unsanitary conditions and medically untrained practitioner. All you men whining in this comment section
    don’t have any facts in your brains about this whole situation. it has very little resemblance to removal of the foreskin. There is no shrugging this off, no joking, no reason to shoot your mouth off when you haven’t bothered to get the full picture. This atrocity is forced on millions of young girls and is an evil practice. The world should be speaking up for them.

    • DeKadt

      Talking about full out sadism! It is really almost unbelievable that human beings mutilate their childeren in the name of soms holy law or whatever. It’s revolting really. If you want to mutilate yourself as an adult, well, who can stop you?, but going all-out on childeren, that is just barbaric sadism. It is the lowest of the lowest.

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  • Sue Boody

    what do they do exactly to the private area?

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  • Charlie

    I worked as a nurse in gynecology in a large city hospital so I’ve seen about a dozen fgms and I think it’s worrying that so many men have such variation in strong opinion about this. What a lot of you guys don’t understand it that the clit area is so vascular, the only way you could compare it to men is if men were frequently castrated with a knife at 9-12 years. The female sex organ is much more than cock slot, it’s a complex system of nerves and veins. And this is done to children purely because of the male ego and the honerable stories men love to tell themselves, not all men, the majority of men in the west are kind and loving and I believe with better education the majority of men globally would be to. It was strange to see the husbands of these women. They cared about their wives but were just too brainwashed to understand cruelty of the practice.
    Some men seem to be scared of women, we now know intelligence runs through the x as much as the y… Some men fear a free thinking woman and that scares me… As much as the kkk scares people who happen not to have white skin. I didn’t choose my gender but this is my world too.

    • DeKadt

      A society who doesn’t respect women as equals to men is a sick society. Men put themselves above women and enforce their machismo on them through all kind of excuses, one of which is religion. It makes me sick. As a man I am ashamed of all this perversion going on in the name of God, honour or whatever. We’ve evolved I would hope, in the last couple of centuries, to a more enlightend era, but in some corners of the earth humans still seem to live in dark caves. It’s almost unbelievable.

  • Kenny

    There is no rational or scientific way to support female genital mutilation. This is all based on conservative religious men wanting to control women so they don’t enjoy sex. In their twisted barbaric regressive minds only men should be allowed to enjoy sex. Women are good for nothing but cooking, cleaning, having babies, raising children and pleasuring men.

    • Schnuffleupagus

      Awesome how a shameless leftist ideologue conflates islamers with all conservative Christians by saying “conservative religious men” .
      After alienating Christians, and enabling islamers. when the islamers finally kill all of the Christians you hate, who will the islamers come for next?

      • Kenny

        I’m a Christian you idiot. Why in the heck would I want Islamic extremist to kill other Christians. I don’t anyone to kill anyone.

        Conservative Christian men are no different than conservative Muslim men. They’ve both hijacked religions for power and money.

    • DeKadt

      You nailed it Kenny. Well said. It is so abhorrent to see all this abuse on women and especially on childeren. What kind culture, society, law or religion could condone these horrors? It’s pure sadisme, which, through the centuries, have been forced upon people to live up too. It is brainwashing really. If you keep repeating and repeating all these rites and rituals time and again, enforcing them even with violence and death threats, you will get people to follow them like slaves. And that’s what religion is in it’s worth form, is all about I guess. Especially since all these laws and rules are enforced by … men.

  • Anderson Co

    That’s what happens when you teach young women to be ashamed of their sexuality.

    They completely cut their ability to enjoy sex. They hide or destroy their bodies.

    They destroy a part of their humanity.

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  • Micheal Justin

    Stop cutting pieces off of your kids, you lunatics.

    If someone wants these body modifications in order to belong to some group or be pure or whatever. they can do so once their adults.

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  • Bill Roubanis

    of course, as in every conversation about the oppression of women, here again we have countless men bringing up all kinds of “strong arguments” on how men suffer equally, or more from whatever analogous atrocity they can think of to the subject at hand–just like they do with their statistics about “battered men”, ‘sexual harassment by women” and every other topic imaginable where they might have to give up some fucking sliver of power to allow for less suffering of innocent women and girls at the hands of pieces of shit such as them. This time we have the men who are telling us FGM is much more pleasant than male circumcision, and women should be grateful they are getting that pesky clit out of the way, because we men are the ones who have to sacrifice our foreskin, for god’s sake. What a disgusting group of sick motherfuckers..

  • ArmedPatriot

    Well I guess when youre a Muslim pig who can’t please a woman sex u ally you have to make sure she doesn’t know what she missing

  • LasVegasScott

    This is more proof that not all Muslims are bad.

  • Blake

    some helpful picturesd of islam

  • Blake

    disturbing how the torture inflicted upon these adult women is sidetracked with discussion about male circumcision. focus on the subject at hand, these women are being tortured against their will.

  • Neil

    Can’t we focus on getting rid of both FGM AND circumcision? Why does it seem like it has to be one or the other?

  • D. Lynn

    These are two totally different things. The intent behind FGM is to prevent the woman from experiencing sexual pleasure, to keep her under control. Circumcision, while possibly misguided isn’t intended as a punitive measure to control a man.

    • airmanjoe

      Who is using FGM as “punitive measures”? What law violations result in FGM? And yeah circumcision IS misguided, exactly as much as FGM is. This circumcision apology is why it is still legal in my country, and why me and every male in my family were cut.

  • herman

    FGM can be more compared with deheading the penis!!!! Would you like that?

  • Rhiannon Caldwell

    Hiw did sll the coments switch to wrstern males crying about their fireskin getting cuf off at three days old vs. A 13 year old girl getting the most sensitive part of her body hack at while she can remember

  • Angel

    This is just so fucked up.

  • Monica Savant

    What I find funny is that any time something horrific is reported abt something that happens solely to women like this, the entire thread is hijacked in a bid to compete to see who has it worst. Ironically, It’s sort of a evidence based quid pro quo affair. Male genital mutilation is just as bad and should be a banned practice as well……however, the article is about female genital mutilation. Period. Not female genital mutilation is worse than or more horrific than anything else. It’s just there, on it’s own. The pathetic men (or women) who hijack the thread and turn it into a MRW debate simply show their character as bullies. Classic

    btw, even tho MGM is as barbaric as FGM, the intent is what makes it so grievous(to me). The intent of sewing up any vagina is to prevent penetration thereof. The worst of these practices, cuts off the clitoris, which studies have shown is the primary route to orgasm for most women. Many of these women can never have orgasm and are seen basically as vessels to sex up and have babies in.Some have intense pain from scar tissue any time they attempt intercourse for the rest of their lives. It’s a pathetic practice because of the voodoo nature of it. They are done like an assembly line of backroom alley abortions in countries with limited medical hygiene. The barbaric nature of any “circumcision” of either gender is bad but FMG is done by “midwives” or “barbers”, The intent is to limit access to a girl’s vagina and to have it done before she even reaches puberty in a bid to control her body. It’s simply pathetic because it’s men who drive this desire for virgin brides and they don’t care the personal cost to any one woman. WHY? because all that is considered in these countries is what men feel/think/do or say.
    So, before you start the “who has it worse” competition. Think about it. Sure you have botched male circumcisions and the reasons they are done are nefarious. Even still, it can’t compete with being mutilated to ensure your viriginity thereby rendering you to at best be unable to experience orgasm and at worst not having orgasm AND having pain every time you try. The big winner (loser) of this contest is……FMG

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  • steven

    Surely any physical mutilation for religion is wrong ,and what about religious indoctrination as well . Religion is a cancer of humanity.

  • BFitz Interesting research paper on male circumcision. Yes female circumcision does seem worse, however male circumcision does have negative aspects to it.

    Loss of sensation, and while some suggest lowering rates of sexually transmitted diseases others suggest a higher rate. As for the cleanliness argument there are things called showers so that point is moot.
    And yes people have died due to male circumcision due to infections and a loss of the member itself. With everything there is risk but the rate is lower but that is due to where the procedures take place.
    There is no need for any circumcision, which is all genital mutilation male or female. If I man wants it he should decide when he is old enough to make his own decision rather than parents making it for their child.

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  • FunkmasterAstronaut

    What on earth do these men suck on when they’re eating pussy?? This is just abhorrent and awful. Why would you want to mar something that is sweet perfection. Every single part of the vagina is a wonderful gift. Stop being mean to it. That thing is there for a goddamn reason. Let it be!

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  • John Seychel

    Organized religions are Organized Crime!

    • Dan Doe

      Went to church today for mothers day. ” we must obey our lord and savior, we must be obident”
      This quote from the pastor freaked me out. I am very afraid of religion and the delusion that it instills.

  • John Seychel

    It’s not just Egypt, it is the Sadistic Muslim Culture, and a part of Sharia Law. This is happening all over, where ever you see a moss, this is the way of life. If you think this is bad, true Bible thumpers are would be slave owners, because a decent part of it is about slave’s and pro slave. There are over 800 violent acts in the bible, as the Koran has less than 400. Organized religion is organized crime. Back in history, the Christians owned Muslim slaves amongst others, and the Muslims owned Christian slave’s amongst others.

    • Brad

      Mutilation is part of judaism.

      • John Seychel

        Yeah if added all of what I know I would write a book here. I try to stay on point.

        • troglodave

          It doesn’t sound like it would be a very factual book. A book of anecdotes, perhaps?

          • John Seychel

            LOL, are you a clown?

          • troglodave

            No, just pointing out you seem to be a bit loose with the truth.

          • John Seychel

            A I guess you didn’t read the rest of the line where it says I could give a fuck, religion is nothing but organized crime anyway. My dads been dead for 20 years now, and hated him then as I do now, and religion too, so I am just saying what I remember. Nothing will allow me to worship a lie. I said if I added all I know it would fill a book, doesn’t mean religion.

    • troglodave

      “It’s not just Egypt, it is the Sadistic Muslim Culture, and a part of Sharia Law”

      No, it’s not. That’s factually incorrect. .

      • John Seychel

        Well I am half Christian and half Muslim, and raised accordingly, and my dad argued and almost had it done to my sister, so I guess it just matters what dogma’s your involved with. My dad changed to Christian when I was 10.

        • troglodave

          I can assure you that, despite what your father may have said, it is not “part of Sharia Law”, as you claim.

          • John Seychel

            So what, are you trying to change my mind about it? I don’t care, but it is happening all over not just Egypt. The US had to make laws against this clitoris removal. Organized Religion is Organized crime, no matter what dogma’s you practice.

          • troglodave

            No, I’m very much opposed to FGM, which is why I’d rather not see people blatantly lie about it, as it hurts the credibility of the actual argument.

    • Steve

      FGM has absolutely nothing to do with the Muslim religion, it stems from Egyptian culture not Muslim culture, in fact it goes much further back than the Muslim religion and it is not part of ‘Sharia Law’. Do some research before spouting anti-islamic drivel. Also did you mean Mosque when you said moss? Or are you so stupid you don’t know the difference between a building and a plant?

      • John Seychel

        I grew up in it.

    • Nihao

      Absolutely 100% false. And by the way most religious muslim “priests” are absolutely against this. It has to do with girls bringing shame to their families so they cut off the part that stimulates their desire.

      People who claim this is as bad as male circumcision are so clueless. You dont lose 90% of your sensitivity when you cut off the foreskin

      • Wyatt

        No, just 2/3 of your nerve endings.

        • Nihao

          most people dont report a loss in sensation and the skin retracts when you get an erection

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  • Christian Lee

    Damn, this is where feminism would actually make a lot of sense. I think if you actually cared about equality, you’d shift your focus overseas.
    Oh yeah, and I’m totally against how nonchalant people are about teh idea of circumcisions, but for fucks sakes getting your clit snipped is a lot more terrifying than a little piece of skin with a lot less functions.

    • annie

      When does true feminism ever not make sense?.. rhetorical question, it always make sense. what doesn’t make sense is when people use feminism to validate extremist views against men.. and unfortunately thats often what the media will show you.

      Having said that, feminism promotes equality between men and women.. and in America we experience a lot more equality than in some places in the Middle East and Africa.. so I agree, shifting our focus overseas to promote equality in these places is a lot more significant.

      • uchibenkei

        no, feminism does not promote equality. you’re thinking of egalitarianism.

        • matthew

          You my friend are dumb. Shut up

          • uchibenkei

            You’re the one who’s dumb. You shut up.

          • Lostlove

            Such stimulating conversation

          • uchibenkei

            You didn’t make it any better.

      • Jenn

        I agree with you in principle – but it’s the religion itself that is anti-feminist. Not much a North American “whoreish infidel” can do to influence foreign dogma that is so widely accepted and often fanatically so that even the victims of FGM support FGM. That’s a sad bi-product of brainwashing from birth.

      • I do not subscribe to the feminist rhetoric. It is up to any individual to express their own self-worth and dignity. Being held down by a bunch of religious fanatics so someone can saw away a part of your body with a crude unsterilized piece of metal is another dialogue.

    • Brad

      False. The foreskin is highly functional. In fact it has more functions than the clitoris.

      • Alex


        • Brad

          Your brain. What’s your source for claiming the clitoris has more functions?

          It covers the glans, keeping it moist and sensitive.

          It contains meissner corpuscles, erogenous nerve endings. It’s actually the most sensitive part of the male genitals, just like the clitoris is.

          It provides skin for the penis to expand into during erection.

          It’s fused to the glans at birth, keeping the glans protected while the male genitalia are still developing.

          I don’t have links, but google this info. It’s easy to find.

          • kdrman

            Brad! I was reading your comments and you clearly have had a bad experience with circumcision. Your previous comments suggest you’ve lost some sort of function, sensation, or have a scar you find unappealing. Go to a urologist! The VAST majority of male circumcision is beneficial to men, and shouldn’t leave you with any sort of consequence. Instead of trolling the thread, go to a doctor who can help restore whatever sensation you’ve lost.

          • Chris

            Alternatively, you can look at male circumcisions male genital mutilation. I bet he didn’t have a say in the matter about part of his dick getting cut off.

          • TheWiseNoob

            You’re dead wrong. There is no purpose for circumcision. A dick can kept clean without mutilating it.

          • ArmedPatriot

            What’s mutilated about my dick, assclown?

          • Sue B Hooven

            This is true. They should let boys go to classes like the girls did about their periods… then have the discussion about that and let them choose when they become of age. The deal of it now is more about what everyone else is doing, so they do it to their kids so the kids will fit in in gym class/showers. And that’s really the truth. It’s true when kids are younger they may not wash as well and get infections. But as an adult you with be clean or not as a choice. So you should have the circumcision choice then. Not forced upon you.

          • fuzzmello

            There is a greater risk (although no one has yet compiled just how great that greater risk is) of STDs, cancer and AIDS in uncircumcised men. There are two frankly rare conditions concerning glans retraction in later life that *occasionally* actually require surgery, and if you are among the unlucky it is really, really not very fun.


            “In 1975, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) stated in no uncertain terms that “there is no absolute medical indication for routine circumcision of the newborn.” In 1983, the AAP and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) restated this position. In 1999 and again in 2005, the AAP again restated this position of equivocation.”


            “Circumcised men have more difficulties reaching orgasm, and their female partners experience more vaginal pains and an inferior sex life, a new study shows.”


          • George O’Donnell

            kdrman – You can’t restore the sensation lost in circumcision because the tissue which produces sensation has been amputated. Sensation loss is an inherent part of a circumcision, it can’t be avoided.

          • Done in infancy, who can measure the loss of sensation?

          • George O’Donnell

            Foreskin sensitivity has been measured in adults. Results indicate foreskin is by far the most sensitive part of the penis, and is an important component of the male sexual experience. Males who have their foreskins removed at any point in their life will lose this sensitive tissue, resulting in a much lower capacity for sexual sensation.

          • Never noticed that lowered capaclty. But maybe that is just me.

          • George O’Donnell

            We’re you cut as an adult?

          • Brad

            Done if infancy to a girl, who can measure the loss of sensitivity to the girl?

            You are literally saying it’s ok to cut an infant because they are denied knowledge of the loss of sensation. If that’s your argument, it applies to girls.

          • elyhim

            Umm nope. There is no benefit other than a cleaner cut for women to view the bishop head.

            Try again, although the clitoris removal must be worse you simply cannot make a case for any genital mutilation at all. Just because you did it to your kids and you want to justify it at all costs instead of thinking of yourself as an ignorant monster.

          • ArmedPatriot

            No fuckstick, I didn’t do it to my kid because I have a daughter.
            I’m circumcised myself and having seem uncircumcised grotesqueness I’m happy as hell I was

          • airmanjoe

            I am too and I think its a barbaric practice that needs to stop. There are women in the Middle East who are also “happy” that they are mutilated.

          • Sue B Hooven

            They are not happy. They just think they’re happy. They know no other way and have been brainwashed.

          • airmanjoe

            Then you could say the same about male victims of circumcision.

          • Brad

            What makes you think that’s not true of yourself with regards to male mutilation and the mutilated males?

          • David Antonsen

            Bullshit. Give me a credible source of that.

            Circumcision is genital mutilation as well.

          • ArmedPatriot

            Is nothing like it

          • Evan Bell


          • Sue B Hooven

            Circumcision makes the penis even more sensitive and pleasurable in most cases.

          • Brad


          • THE AXEMAN

            If you can find the data “eas[ily],” then post it. Citing “your brain” is idiotic.

            And don’t try to force the burden of proof onto Alex — he just asked you for a source. He didn’t even indicate that he agrees with Christian.

          • Tetsuo [locke]d Ba

            That’s hardley factual, circumstantial evidence at best, I wouldnt compare FGM to circumcision given the weight of the two are de facto rather then under any equal understanding of the law.

          • Shannon

            The biggest difference is that women cannot orgasm without a clitoris (which is the reason it is performed, to prevent women from feeling sexual pleasure, for religious reasons). Another big difference is that male genital mutilation, while still needlessly cruel, is done by doctors in most countries, but female genital mutilation is not usually being done by doctors and because of that, poor sanitation and technique could easily cause infection or too much blood loss which both can kill you. There are also rare cases where a male has to get a circumscision because the foreskin has grown more than it should, this is rare though and making men get mutilated because it might happen is kind of like removing an appendix because it might cause harm but probably won’t. One can be against circumcision but still realize that one is worst than the other, not because women are better than men, but because there is an obvious difference in female anatomy and how it works.

          • airmanjoe

            The idea that women can’t have an orgasm after FGM is untrue.
            Also, circumcision was proposed in the U.S. as a means of preventing masturbation by reducing pleasure.

          • loquacialoon

            When? In Victorian times? That makes it all right?

          • airmanjoe

            Makes what right? They are both wrong.

          • airmanjoe

            Um, no. Not sure what you are trying to say.

          • It was promoted for hygienic reasons. Cultural and anthropological experience and tradition is what made it ceremonial for such as Jewish people.

          • airmanjoe

            I think the reasons for it depend on the type of FGM and the culture in which it is practiced.

          • Sue B Hooven

            There is NO GOOD REASON for it.

          • airmanjoe

            Who said there was?

          • Brad

            There is no good reason for MGM.

          • Sue B Hooven

            It’s mostly done so the men can subjugate their women. Not for hygiene.

          • That is why moslems do it — and to deny women sexual pleasure and supposedly keep them faithful. I was trying to refer to “bris” but was unclear.

          • Not arguing. I was unclear and this forum has gone around the block a few times. You are correct regarding FGM, in my opinion. I was referring to male circumcision.

          • Brad

            You were lying about MGM.

          • Brad

            It’s not more hygenic.

            It’s still mutilation. It was performed to control sexuality. Just like FGM.

          • You are probably correct considering the extent of the neural network involved, which makes chopping off the clitoris even more silly.

          • airmanjoe

            All genital mutilation is silly in my opinion. But yes, FGM seems to be in a large degree a product of complete ignorance regarding female anatomy.

          • Brad

            As does MGM

          • Sue B Hooven

            Again, says the MALE. Don’t speak for women. I have yet to see a woman on here mention she can… and even if she can, the percentage is small. And even in a single woman, the percentage of times it would happen would be really small.

          • airmanjoe

            Stop using “male” like it’s an accusation. I’m only repeating what other people reported. Also scientific research > your feelings.

          • Well, Daniel inspires me to be more open about my personal information but my on line presence would make that waay TMI. I just noticed this disqus forum has gone full circle as my remarks from four months ago started to show up. My mind has not been changed obviously.

          • Brad

            As a female, you have no right force your perversion on me. I have every right to intact genitals you do.

          • Eric Zoetmulder

            Religious? Where do you find this rule in Q’uran or Hadith ? I have always understood FGM to be a tribal thing, typical for parts of Africa and greedily aped by men with trouble gaining certainty about their sexuality and machoness.
            At a time where Islam is attacked by al sorts of idiots who cannot be bothered by facts, the last thing needed is more unsubstantiated statemenents like this. Once you start believing the crap that comes from American Islamophobes like Bush, Fox News, assorted Republicans and most of the Southern Bible Belt, there comes no end to the ammunition the West provides the fanatical / terrorist side of Islam and statements that Al Qaeda was hatched in the USA actually become self fulfilling.

            I have stopped reading this thread at this point as the language turns to foul. Cannot believe how some people get all worked up over a relatively small matter like circumcision for boys. FGM kills, male circumcision is a matter of parents making choices for their sons that cannot be legal in many modern jurisdictions.

          • Daniel Shenanigan

            Very true. Unlike most people (excuse the shameless self aggrandizing) I actually decided to read the Quran & a selection of Hadith both widely accepted & widely criticized. While it certainly has it’s own “brand” of crazyness, the Quran is no wackier than the new testament, and pales in comparison to the batshitcrazy level achieved by the old testament.

            That being said. It is mandated in a number of widely recognized hadith…oddly enough in the same breath it cautions not to cut to deeply, as such spairingness is preferable for the wife & husband alike… (which is a pretty strong hint that they’re saying “leave the woman sexually functional…ie an esthetic circumcision no more harmful than a male one)

            …but the real problem here is ANYONE who makes medical decisions based on 1000+ year old books…no matter which religions silly book you choose.

          • Sue B Hooven

            It should also be noted that circumcision is done just after birth usually (weeks to months but not years typically). Healing and memory are rapid for boys. FGM is done in girls 12-16 and it painful, done with kitchen knives or non surgical instruments while the girl is held down and not medicated. It’s not done in a sterile environment. Afterwards, a girl will have sex but will not be stimulated and it will be forever painful. NO circumcision ends in painful sex. In fact, it enhances sensation. Of course all these things were invented by men. Time for women to revolt. It’s also true a penis and a clitoris are the two things that are the most closely matched. Is it not the clitoris that develops more to make a penis when sex is determined during gestation? I believe it is.

          • George O’Donnell

            “NO circumcision ends in painful sex. In fact, it enhances sensation.”

            This is absolutely not true. Foreskin contains up to 80% of the erogenous nerve endings in the penis. Removal of the tissue containing these nerve endings permanently reduces a males capacity to experience sex. A small percentage of circumcisions do have catastrophic results, including the total loss of the penis, and death due to hemmorrage. That corresponds to hundreds of thousands of men worldwide whose sex lives were totally ruined by a procedure they didnt need nor consent to.

          • Once again, who has or can testify that circumcised males have less enjoyable sexual experiences?

          • Brad

            Who can testify that circumcised women have less enjoyable sexual experiences? Why don’t you need evidence for that but you need evidence for MGM doing the same?

          • Did someone say circumcised women have less enjoyable sexual experiences than uncircumcised (unmutilated) women? I will research that one and get back to you, Brad.

          • Brad

            Circumcised women mostly still orgasm. Many mutilated men don’t.

          • I think so. Male characteristics in embryo don’t show up til 8 weeks gestation. Source: Outside Plumbing by Virginia Llorca contains cited sources.

          • Abundantz

            FGM is barbaric and cruel, and radically affects a girl all the rest of her life. It’s an INSANE thing to do.

            However, you are incorrect about circumcision enhancing sensation. And newborn boys in the U.S. are typically done within a day of birth. Cut adult males do not offer the same ease of sex for women either, as Nature intended by the intact male. Memory is not healed; the baby’s first experience is severe trauma. He begins life with PTSD.

          • Brad

            None of your claims are backed up by evidence.

          • Daniel Shenanigan

            For technical reasons I must point out that vaginal orgasms are a thing, and a woman can climax without clitoral stimulation… that said the rest is 100% spot on.

          • mimi

            a woman can climax without clitoral stimulation…yeah, sure. In your dream. If a woman has a G-spot (not all women necessarily do), it’s about 1-2 inches in, and is an extension of the clitoris. Stop making women feel guilty for not experiencing vaginal orgasm, without clitoral stimulation, when 95% of women will never experience it. (how could they) especially when the 5% who does just are fakers and liars who want to please their men and praise their “technique”.

          • Daniel Shenanigan

            Wow I clearly struck a nerve with that one (pun intended). Excuse me but I wasn’t out here shaming anybody, you’ve attributed malice where there was none…why would I give a shit what “type” of orgasm women are having. Also, your statistics are made up. According to planned parenthood about 33% of women have serious trouble climaxing from vaginal intercourse alone, that said I found other statistics that put the figure as high as 75%, but it’s not 95%…and I don’t know why but there’s something particularly detestable about claiming someones sexual experience is a lie or confusion simply because it doesn’t match your own…I don’t know why this is so, it just is.

            . As for your anatomy question “how could they” Well, because of the clitourethrovaginal complex. The clitoris isn’t one thing, it’s a framework of extending back into the vagina. Some women are physically incapable of

          • It is based on scientific research, thermal imaging, neurological dissection, etc.

          • Brad

            False. No evidence supports your claims.

          • Sue B Hooven

            Basically it’s akin to a man’s penis… you do realize that don’t you? How would you like yours cut off?

          • Sue B Hooven

            PS Who told you doggy style was the favorite of women? Porn movies? That’s where you must be getting that. Next time, watch the fake look on those women’s faces…. and realize a lot of women do things to make the guy happy that’s not necessarily helping them out. What a clueless individual you are. Seriously.

          • D.B.

            What a clueless guy Daniel is. He’s like majority of men that have no clue as to how to please they’re mate. I blame the women here too for faking it.
            It’s all how you move during intercourse Daniel, missionary style. We are not animals and there is nothing about doggy style that equates to making love.

          • I found many of Daniel’s points to be spot on. And early humans only did it doggy style.

          • Daniel Shenanigan

            So you pretty much just went ahead and posted without reading anything I said eh? I think your narrative is showing

          • youhnnybenson99

            every individual woman has different pleasure
            zones and what and how they like to have sex you just have to ask them what they like and how they want it and be enough of a man to realize that . as for female or male mutilation of thier genitals its all about what men can or can not deal within thier own little fucking worlds because of thier inadequacies we were crated perfectly why we have to change anything is just fucking stuped

          • Daniel Shenanigan

            Fair enough, I was going on anecdotal experience from my past & present sexual partners… I did a little background research an d was surprised to find rear entry actually ranked 5th among women and first among men…which is made even odder by the fact that women’s number 1 (women on top) was actually my preferred position…but I fractured my hip in the past so all that thrusting isn’t so fun for me… I digress, I’m unsure whether is hostility owes itself to you’re having too many bad sexual partners or not enough partners in general. But rest assured I, like most millennials are well aware that porn is porn & has as much to do with real life as action movies do with international intelligence. But might I suggest next time you’re doing something to make a guy happy thats not helping you out….TELL HIM!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL HIM. The number one way for someone to understand that you don’t like something is if you make sed person aware of such, as opposed to playing a game of sexual sherrades where he has to figure out what you like and what you’re pretending to like (why anyone would do this is beyond me but…I suppose some people are just clueless…seriously.

          • Thank you for the reinforcement.

          • Sue B Hooven

            Is there a like button? LOL You have to take things with a grain of salt when one sex speaks on behalf of another…. they don’t have any clue!

          • For intellectual reasons, you should research the clitoral neural network. Any sexual release a woman has is from stimulation of that network which is obvious when you look at the diagram. Otherwise you are making out with fakers.

          • Sue B Hooven

            Ignore him; he’s a tosser who doesn’t know how to please a woman apparently

          • Sue B Hooven

            ….says the guy who doesn’t have one. LOL Also, without being stimulated, a woman may not get lubricated and sex is painful. The reason they do that to girls is so they won’t have sex with anyone or want to have extra marital affairs. This mutilation is definitely conceived by man. Because men don’t think like women. They are more apt to be driven by the act of sex while women are more apt to fall in love for other reasons. Total difference that the neanderthals who do this can conceive.

          • Brad

            There is no evidence male mutilation is less harmful.

          • All female orgasms, one way or another, are a result of stimulation of the clitoral neural network which, if you Googled it, you probably wouldn’t believe. It extends to the anal area. My only citation for that is Googled information. My only question in regard to that, is why do some women have orgasms when nursing. What were we talking about?

          • Daniel Shenanigan

            Well there in lies the danger of google. Just because all orgasms result in the stiumlation of the clitoral nerve network, doesn’t mean that stimuli has to be physical. Just like men, woman can have an orgasm without ANY clitoral stimulation….hell, (and i know this sounds ridiculous but, well google it?) woman can even have an orgasm triggered by roller-coasters.

          • Pretty much, sitting in a roller coaster ride would stimulate that netwoork, as would horseback riding, etc.

          • I said result from. And I guess you didn’t read the comment at the end about nursing.

          • When doctors are in the neighborhood, they usually take the appendix because it is such a common trouble maker. My mother’s was taken during kidney surgery, biopsied, found to contain a precancerous growth, died many years later of colon cancer.

            My main question in this discussion is exactly who has testified uncut men have more sensation than cut?

          • Brad

            Plenty of men. You obviously have done no research. Why don’t you need evidence of fgm harm but you need evidence of mgm harm?

          • Brad

            Women can orgasm after. It’s a lie to say otherwise.

          • Brad

            I would, because you have no evidence.

          • Jon

            FGM is more analogous to removal of the glans than the foreskin.

          • Sue B Hooven

            No, it’s closer to you being a unic. Would you like that?

          • Brad


          • ArmedPatriot

            You don’t have links because you’re full of shvt

          • madcapfeline

            How many male babies died last year from circumcision complications? How many men were rendered infertile due to their circumcisions? How many men are shamed and drummed out of society every year because they aren’t circumcised? How many male circumcisions were performed last year on the dirt floor of a shack by a fkn barber? You’re comparing apples to oranges. I get it, you’re a dude and dude parts are CLEARLY more important than lady parts and should dominate EVERY conversation, but still, there is no comparison. Don’t the MRA’s have better things to do than troll on boards that really don’t concern them? Like polishing their fedoras, or threatening all the pretty girls who won’t sleep with them?

          • Lou Procter

            Roughly 100 baby boys die every year in America alone from complications after circumcision including haemorrhage and infection. Many more suffer from non life threatening complications like accidental removal of the entire glans or developing a buried penis. Erectile dysfunction is also significantly more prevalent in circumcised males.

          • Uterine cancer is less prevalent in Jewish woman, as a control group.

          • Luis Taveras

            Comparing circumcision to FGM is like comparing clipping toe nails to getting your leg chopped off. Are you guys that stupid?

          • Sue B Hooven

            Right? Thanks!!! It’s like them being unics! A clitoris = penis. It’s the same thing practically. They don’t get it.

          • Rose

            The equivalent to FGM for men would be to cut off the entire head of your penis so that you could never enjoy sex again.

          • Teri Timmons

            They do more than remove clitoris.Maybe they should have explained it better in the article.They remove clitoris then sew together the labia.Mostly done in very unsanitary conditions when girls are young.When they marry if they are lucky someone will make a slice between her labia so the man can brutally make his way inside her.Sometimes they don’t so imagine the pain either way.This is not only mutilation but incredibly painful for her entire life.

          • Sue B Hooven

            Finally, someone with some common sense. Thank you for stating what the moronic men above cannot grasp.

          • Brad

            That’s the rarest form of FGM. Most forms of FGM are less damaging than MGM.

        • Google, Wikipedia, etc.

      • fuzzmello

        Bad comparison. Christian Lee is right. The clitoris is actually a very large organ lying under the tissue on either side of the labia major. The tip is only that; a tip. It is the most sensitive female sexual organ. A man’s foreskin on the other hand, is primarily like the eyebrow; for protection.

        • garybkatz

          Plus medical studies established that circumcised men have a harder time catching various STDs, including A.I.D.S., and lower incidences of penile cancer.

          • Marc R Creedon

            Scientific studies have also shown that mutilated men have a harder time achieving orgasm, higher levels of anxiety and depression, and an overall higher mortality rate. There is no good reason for either FGM or MGM, both are damaging to the individual (though victims of both insist that it is not damaging, the evidence shows that both are a sexually mutilating assault that damages sexuality and overall health).

          • garybkatz

            If, by “mutilated men,” you mean “circumcised men,” I would seriously question such a study, if one actually exists. The mortality rate should be lower, because of less A.I.D.S. and other std’s. I can’t imagine someone being depressed because he was circumcised as a baby. Makes no sense.

      • Ahzidahakah

        So we should be more concerned about circumcision than FGM? Wow you’re a sick pig.

        • Tab Lett

          I remember being about 4 and the conversation going on. I was ready to swear for the first time. Like fuck was anything getting cut off me

        • lkjdfa

          Are you serious? Caring about other problems besides those that women have makes someone a sick pig? Fuck off mate.

          • ArmedPatriot

            Asstard circumcision is nothing like this shvt they’re doing to these poor young women
            I know maggot because I am circumcised

      • Samantha

        You are way into dicks! Do you find they taste better with a little extra cheese in that pocket? Brad is a homo LOL!

        • lkjdfa

          Wow, you sound really stupid bigoted against homosexuals and trying to protect the fact that you deprived your son from his birth right of a non-mutilated penis.

        • Edward R.

          What the hell is wrong with you? The year is 2015, please for the sake of all you interact with, catch up to the times. Being gay is perfectly normal, homosexuality has been observed in hundreds of different species _including_ humans. Your ignorance of nature does not give you the right to disparage an entire subpopulation of our species.

          • Luis Taveras

            Comparing circumcision to FGM is like comparing clipping toe nails to getting your leg fucken chopped off. You can’t be serious.

        • mr.wiener

          Way to invalidate an argument….
          Unfortunately you just invalidated the argument of every other poster telling Brad to keep it in perspective…

      • Sandra Simpson

        Apparently, Brad, you know nothing of FGM. I am American, of European ancestry, but spent 27 years in Egypt. My brother in law was a gynecologist there. FGM removes a LOT more than the visible clitoris. The operation is intended to render the female with no “sensation” at all. Teh removal of the foreskin helps prevent cancer in females, which is one reason Catholic nuns and populations with near 100% circumcision have low cervical cancer in the females.

        • Edward R.

          Why is it okay to cut of a functional part of male anatomy while not okay to do the same to a female? It sounds sexist to me whenever anyone says it’s fine to circumcise males but not females. Personally, I would argue both are barbaric acts and neither should be performed without medical necessity (“necessity” being the key word, preventative is not necessary).

          If cancer prevention is your goal, you know a hysterectomy will guarantee that you won’t get cervical, ovarian, or uterine cancer. But, you wouldn’t argue that that is a good idea to do to people who haven’t already shown some form of cancer to begin with would you?

          • LaNisha

            Its not the same thing . That’s not a comparison. Comparing the two is like comparing a broken nail to a broken finger. When I guy is circumcised they remove the foreskin. And its doesn’t effect nothing . the penis still function properly.and can still perform and have sexual pleasure. While on the other hand having the clitoris removed can lead to vaginal infections .problems during sexual intercourse and child birth . the purpose behind the whole FGM is for the women to not feel any pleasure . which is very horrific and barbaric and vile. They are trying to teach women to be ashamed of their sexuality. And its a way for men to control it. Women say its to protect their children from rape and sexual intercourse/unexpected pregnancy at a young age .but that doesn’t work.

        • Also true of Jewish populations re: uterine cancer. I had a neighbor who had a medical codition requiring him to be circumcised an adult. Good times.

          • Marc R Creedon

            Overall chance of a man needing a circumcision is less than 1 in 16,000 (Finland) – chance that circumcision of an infant is genital mutilation- 100%

        • Abundantz

          That is a lie to the public that removing the foreskin has any direct connection to cervical cancer. These deceptions are already breaking out to the public. We will be shocked and mortified as a society when disclosure reveals the horrible things the medical and governmental groups have done to us.

      • Ryan Bittner

        You’re COMPLETELY overlooking the point. FGM makes sex no longer pleasurable and, in some cases, even painful. Being circumcised might reduce sensitivity, but sex is still fun with it. With FGM, it would be more akin to removing the entire head of the penis.

        THAT is why FGM is a much bigger deal.

        • airmanjoe

          Dude, circumcision can do the EXACT SAME THING. And there are many women that insist that FGM did not take away their ability to have pleasure.

          Now I’m not excusing FGM, hell no, it’s terrible. But the myth that MGM and FGM can’t be of comparable severity is probably the reason that it is still freaking legal in the U.S. Please stop repeating it.

          • Abundantz

            Oh, please. Don’t cite a government web site. And certainly don’t believe what you read there!

      • mr.wiener

        Can we prioritize a little here please? What ever your beef is with male circumcision this subject is much worse disfiguring and life threatening.

      • Beth Wills

        Bullshit, Brad. Stop trying to hijack a discussion about legitimate oppression of women to cry about your missing piece of skin.

        • Daniel Shenanigan

          Sorry, I creeped your disque… good opinions in the right(ish) direction. You Go Girl.

          • Brad

            You’re both wrong.

        • Brad

          Cite a study proving FGM is worse than MGM.

      • Stephanie Martin

        Does circumcision completely remove the ability to have pleasurable sex? Do circumcised men have to be cut open again to allow intercourse and again to allow child birth?
        Obviously not.

        • Brad

          FGM doesn’t do that either.

      • Cedar Cat

        The clitoris has only one “function”, pleasure. Stop cutting people up!

      • Google the diagram of the clitoral neural network.

        • Brad

          It’s most internal. The foreskin is the primary erogenous tissue of the male genitals. Removing the foreskin is worse than removing the external portion of the clitoris.

          • The clitoris has a hood. There is no such thing as the external part of the clitoris. They cut off the clitoris and then dig around to make sure they got all of the nerves. Many photos are on the internet with the cutter’s hand in the girl up to her wrist.Sometimes they cut the labia and sew the girl partially closed. Please google more info. Also, I have never had an intimate experience with an uncut male. But the men I have known probably would have stroked out if the foreskin was still there if it truly makes more sensitivity.
            Once again, please google the neural net work of the clitoris.

          • Brad

            So men aren’t entitled to full sensitivity, but women are?
            Cite one study that shows that fgm, ALL forms are in orinciple, more harmful than MGM.
            I’ll wait.

          • I cannot, for the life of me, see how you got that from my totally factual statement. Betcha didn’t do the Google thing anyway, eh?

          • Brad

            Google the same for the foreskin.
            You have no education on MGM.
            Many cut women report satisfying sex lives.

      • SilverOakBranch

        Having a clitoridectomy is like having your entire glans cut off.

        • Brad

          No it isn’t. Most of the clitoris is internal. And the glans is actually much less sensitive than the inner part of the foreskin. This is an objective scientific fact.

          You’re just repeating what you feel about the issue, with no actual knowledge of anatomy.

          • SilverOakBranch

            Sensitivity is subjective. My statement is based on the closest physical analogy I know. I take it you think removal of the male prepuce is also mutilation?

          • Brad

            I know.
            So does the dictionary.

          • SilverOakBranch

            Okay, thanks.

          • Brad

            If sensitivity is subjective, what’s so bad about fgm?

          • SilverOakBranch

            A whole lot. For what it’s worth, if I had a son, I wouldn’t have him circumcised.

          • SilverOakBranch

            This happens every time female genital cutting is discussed: a few men pop up complaining that their parents had them circumcised. It’s really not all about you, guys.

    • Jess Mountifield

      In FGM it isn’t just the clitoris that’s removed. Often the Labia are as well. Or they’re sewn shut down as far as they can be while still allowing sexual intercourse. They then literally rip open and have to be restitched when the woman gives birth. It’s way worse.

      • Brad

        That’s the most rare form of fgm. Not the kind that happens in Egypt. Yet another fgm critic who justifies mgm while knowing nothing about either.

        • Ahzidahakah

          Critic?! Holy shit you’re a fucking psycho.

          • Jenn

            Yep psycho.

        • Commander_Chico

          This article is about FGM not male circumcision.

        • mr.wiener

          While that is a less common form [and much more extreme] I’d argue all forms of FGM are bad and need to be stopped.
          Could you stop grieving that you are a roundhead rather than a chevalier for a moment and focus on the main topic?

    • FredC1968

      Sadly, the anti-circumcision crowd will inevitably hijack the conversation. Circumcision is BS. It’s religious hokum. An early American champion was

      John Harvey Kellogg; he pushed it as a means to prevent masturbation.

      FGM is orders of magnitude worse than circumcision. Circumcised men can enjoy sex. FGM is a sadistic form of repression.


        Anything to do with religion is HOKUM .

        • Mark Oakes

          Anything to do with non believing atheist is a disease!

          • Brent Kerehona Pukepuke-Ahitap


        • Heidi Yehia

          not religious fucked up people it only for guys idiotic people who do that to girls

        • garybkatz

          You mean like the Ten Commandments?

          • Mary Sawant

            The 10 commandments have nothing to so with religion. These commandments were set up and Given to Moses to create a utopia of man

      • Daniel Shenanigan

        Extremely well stated, I “second”. I’m circumcised, though oddly enough I’m glad I was for cultural esthetics reasons in the west…but it is a super weird tradition…that shouldn’t for a second be equated with the FGM type of barbarism

      • Graeme Condely

        when I was overseas in the army many soldiers were circumcised because of health issues wow thank god I was done as a baby ..their pain was horrific please read medical records not folk stories

        • Abundantz

          That’s because you don’t realize you started life with PTSD. What might your childhood have been had you not been so severely traumatized at birth?

      • JackGalt

        This is the first mention of circumcision I have seen connected to this discussion. Whoever tries to being it in to the consideration of the issue of FGM is a complete idiot and shouid have a permanent tag that they are worthy of entertaining a discussion with. There is simply no comparison as to damage to the body and mind…holy crap I can’t even imagine why someone would want to connect the two…

        • George O’Donnell

          Maybe because both procedures remove healthy and functional genital tissue without the consent of the victim?

          It’s pointless to argue which is worse because both MGM and FGM vary widely in the severity of damage inflicted. Some FGM forms are barely a nick that doesn’t remove any tissue, and some MGM procedures are done in the african bush with a rusty knife.

          BOTH practices are immoral and unethical for the same reason. They violate the bodily integrity of the victim.

    • Walaa Ata

      do the educated people a favor and shut up, don’t forget to take the vaccine, you don’t know nothing about islam, so u shouldn’t talk from the first place…!!

    • jacksawesome

      Especially when you think of the reasons that it is done. Snipping a boy because it provides less chance of bacteria getting into the urethra and snipping a woman so that she can’t experience sexual pleasure are two different things. I also agree about the feminism. If women want to affect real change for women, there should be a movement against this. The problem is changing the minds of men in power and their ways of thinking.

      • George O’Donnell

        Would it surprise you to learn that the main reason circumcision caught on in America was to punish masturbators and rapists by reducing their sexual pleasure? The original purpose (and current consequence) of circumcision was explicitly to destroy a mans quality of sex.

    • Stephanie Martin

      Correction: Feminism always makes sense. This is a prime example of what happens without Feminism.

    • Pauser

      Uh “feminists” and humanists have been fighting this for years. Just because you knew nothing about it doesn’t mean it is not being addressed. And those who support the practice label it “circumcision” while it’s widely recognized as mutiliation.

    • DeKadt

      Both traditions are highly controversial. The human body has been millions of years in the making. Since religion popped up, all of a sudden humans started mutilating themselves in the name of God or other holy laws. And it is ofcourse completely unacceptable to mutilate childeren. That is just pure sadism! Whatever one finds on condoning these customs, it should be restricted to adults from say 21 years and older. What kind of society is it that condones mutilating childeren? It’s unspeakable.

  • Faggory Daggory Doo!

    okay and how is circumcision not as appauling?

    • Prominent Prozac

      I’m sorry but if you can’t see the difference in the removal of some extra skin, and something that causes the death of a child, you’re insane.

      • Robbin Abernathy

        You know babies die all the time from male circumcision, too, right? Or are you just that deluded?

        • Jennifer

          I did a quick check and can’t find any reputable sources.

          • Robbin Abernathy

            You didn’t look very hard, then.

          • Prominent Prozac

            I’m sorry, but I’ve never personally heard of one of these cases myself, nor do I see how one is equal to the other. One is routed in sexism, without doctors aid, and kills children, and the other is done by a skilled and trained doctor. Can you people not focus on the matter at hand without complaining about something that has nothing to do with this? A 13 year old girl is dead from this, and I’m sure many more, and the best you have is to bitch about how circumcision isn’t right? Get bent.

          • Brad

            Everything you said is false. Circumcision is often performed by doctors in training. Watch one, do one, is the cliche.

            How is it not sexist to say women are entitled to intact genitals but men arent?

            I know of seveal deaths in the US. The AAP and CDC intentionally ignore them though.

            Genital integrityis a human right, not a women’s right.

          • me

            She’s dead due to an infection because it’s illegal but she was still pushed to do it. Circumcision would be just as deadly if performed under those conditions. It’s not the practice that killed her, it was the lack of professionalism and regards for rules. This practice is very similar to circumcision because they both aim to remove 90% of the pleasure people receive and they were both cruel practices that ended up being excused as an exercise of religion. There’s literally no point to them except that they make sex less enjoyable and people hoped that by doing so, lust would be less of a problem.

          • airmanjoe

            Since you haven’t heard of it then it must not have happened.
            Also, in Africa, where most FGM occurs, circumcision is conducted under the SAME CONDITIONS. Yes, people get circed in third world countries too. And yes, sometimes they die from it.

          • Brad

            The “reputable” sources in the US lie.

          • TheD

            Ah the old “the only sources that tell the truth are the ones that agree with me”. Definitely adds credibility to your argument.

          • mr.wiener

            So you don’t agree with them therefore they are not true?

        • Jesse

          All the time? That simply isn’t true and you can’t support your assertion. Hyperbole makes for a weak argument.

        • James Ball

          That’s an out right lie. Lol you fool

      • Omnom Bacon

        How about the kids that aren’t killed, but have to live with herpes for the rest of their lives due to it?

        • Prominent Prozac

          How is living with herpes worse than being dead.

          • Brad

            This justifies mgm?

            Boys do die from it, even in the US. But these dearhs are covered up.

          • dariengap

            The facts speak for themselves. According to the World Health Organisation, circumcision of male babies results in “a very low rate of adverse events, which are usually minor (0.2-0.4%)”. These figures would no doubt be much lower still if they referred only to properly regulated and responsibly carried out circumcisions.

          • airmanjoe

            The circumcision ITSELF is an adverse event.

          • Germain

            ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh? Covered up? Nothing intelligent to see here move along.

      • Brad

        It’s not extra skin.

        • Prominent Prozac

          Neither are these girls sexual organs, and yet, somehow they are more important because they are killing females. -I wonder why that is priority.

      • George O’Donnell

        You are looking at it backwards. Foreskin isn’t “extra”. Its standard issue. Circumcised penises are lacking standard features.

      • HohenheimOL

        Tell that to David Reimer.

    • dspl

      Male circumcision has nothing to do with FGM, but it’s a good way to divert the discussion from an important topic.

      Male circumcision is not rooted in gender inequality, attempts to control men’s sexuality, ideas about purity, modesty or aesthetics, as it is for women.

      • Brad

        Actually, it’s all of those things, you just never bothered to look.

        What makes the cutting of one gender’s genitals mutilation and yhe cutting of the other’s a trivial matter?
        They are the same issue. Genital mutilation of children.

      • Robbin Abernathy

        Um, so masturbation isn’t part of men’s sexuality? Because that was a big part of why it came about…

      • Faggory Daggory Doo!

        mutilating someones body is wrong, it doesnt matter how its justified, male genetal mutilation is just as abhorent as female.

      • me

        So when something happens to both sexes, they say “Yeah but it isn’t about gender with males” and then when it happens to women “It’s because man makes us”

      • Dan Doe

        Male circumcision started in the us because protestants thought it would get rid of the pleasure from the glands, it does greatly reduce how sensitive the glands are. So yes it started as a way to control mens sexuality

      • Ben Stephens

        “attempts to control men’s sexuality, ideas about purity, modesty” It was entirely about stopping masturbation in the beginning…

      • Faggory Daggory Doo!

        yes it is, in the majority of the world mens penises are objectified. There is fact that the majority of the world is okay with Male Genetal Mutilation is wrong and so is FGM if one is wrong so is the other. Whats relavant is the fact that they are both barbaric archaic practices.

    • Lump

      Circumcision is bad, but FGM is more akin to the glans being mutilated than removal of foreskin; the latter of which doesn’t have as much of an effect on ability to feel pleasure.

      • Faggory Daggory Doo!

        ur still painfully removing a part of an organ for scientificlly unsubstantiated pourposes. Circumsicion is just as barbaric as FGM

      • Faggory Daggory Doo!

        I undertand what you are saying, but the point im trying to make is a moral one and ethical one, both practices stem from traditional practices and both harm the person it it is done upon. You are removing a sexual organ of aperson when they cant give concent, well intentioned it maybe it is still an medically unneccecary and permenent. One can also argue that it is just as traditional and you have no final say in it.

  • chix

    It also needs to be noted that there are no physical benefits to FGM (such as some may consider clenliness a benefit for male circumcision). The only goal of FGM is to control a woman’s sexuality and her pleasure. This practice I consider much different than kale circumcision (though I personally don’t agree with male circumcision either) I think that abuse and risking death and recurrent infections on unwilling women with the decision being made by men is disgusting.

    • conmeonce

      It also needs to be noted (regardless of whether or not you agree or disagree with the practice) that there’s no physical benefit to male genital mutilation (circumcision).

      • Joe

        In some cases there are health benefits; I was circumsised due to health reasons myself, but as an adult, of my own accord. I agree that it should only be done with consent, but it can avoid certain health risks in some people.

        • Brad

          Almost never.

          • Nihao

            You are completely wrong. There is strong evidence that it reduces the risk of HIV

          • Germain

            Brad is obvi bias with literally no published work written by actual scientist to back up his claims.Move along now.

      • Kermut

        Male circumcision lowers the risk of some STDs such as HIV.

        The American academy of pediatricians find the health benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks but the benefits are not such as to recommend universal circumcision.

        Try looking stuff up before you make health comments on the Internet.

        • Terry

          When HIV+ semen enters your torn rectum then does your male circumcision prevent the spread of HIV?

        • sickbroski

          Try looking up how babies are when they’re born before listening to some academy.

          • Jen

            Wait…what? That made no sense.

          • sickbroski

            A baby is born the way it needs to be. Chopping pieces off is just barbaric.

        • Brad

          The aap lies.

        • Brad

          The aap doesn’t even acknowledge the foreskin has function.

          Their latest position piece was shredded by the international medical community.

        • Josiah

          No this is a common myth. There are no benefits of any kind to male genital mutilation.

        • conmeonce

          What you have is a bunch of garbage – I have reviewed the literature at length.

          Anyone can justify anything… there’s almost zero medical reason for the procedure… anything else you have heard are lies… and I can assure I have “looked it up”

          • THE AXEMAN

            So you just want me to trust you? Okay.

          • conmeonce

            How about you go do some research yourself?

            Beyond the medical association that profits from the procedure.

          • THE AXEMAN

            Why are you putting the burden of proof on me? I probably agree with you dude, but I’m not the one making the claim.

        • Blake

          It is not that it lowers the risk, the way a lot of those studies were carried out is that they survey many men both circumcised and uncircumcised, then see the percentage of each that have HIV, herpes, etc.

        • Elizabeth

          In a metadata analysis of STIs and male circumcision (including the studies referenced by the AAP showing reduced HIV and HPV risk), the authors conclude that the data from the existing studies do NOT support evidence that male circumcision prevents STIs.

          Although some studies published show a reduced risk of transmitting HPV or HIV from a circumcised male to a female partner, the methodologies of those studies are questionable. For example, lead time bias: 1) the researchers failed to require the participants to abstain from sexual activity for 3 months before starting the study to clear them of potential existing infections and 2) the intact men were not instructed to abstain for the same 4-6 weeks healing time that the circumcised men were instructed to abstain. Additional flaws in these studies include not controlling for blood exposure or anal intercourse.

          Based on the flawed studies, circumcision supposedly reduces risk of acquiring HIV or HPV by 40-60% each time that male has sex. These are the studies referenced by the AAP. In contrast, after 1 dose of the measles vaccine, 95% of children over 12 months are permanently immune, with 99% permanent immunity after boosters.

  • Don’t turn your right to dissent over to terrorists, extremists, traitors, communists and democrats.

    Ask your representatives:

    What are their views on Sharia Law?

    What do they think about the following statements:

    The West Will Tolerate Itself To Death.

    Why Do We Tolerate Violence Against Women?

    What are their plans to halt violence against women around world including:

    1) Female genital mutilation
    2) Punishing rape victims
    3) Honor killing
    4) Strapping bombs to children
    5) Sexually enslaving women
    6) Murdering homosexuals
    7) Child marriage
    8) Domestic Violence
    9) Disciplining or Punishing Wives

    • Omnom Bacon

      So what you’re saying is that we should go around and police the world, take over all the countries, and force them to conform to our standards? Isn’t the same ideology the fanatical Muslims are espousing? How many people do you propose we send to their deaths to accomplish this? If it’s done, it’ll have to be done by force. How many children do you want to grow up to be fatherless? Maybe you should work on the same issues in your own country first. Sexually enslaving women happens, as does murdering gays, domestic violence, punishing wives, child abuse, punishing rape victims, etc. The US is far from a utopia. Fix your own issues before complaining about those of others.

      • phil

        Really?? Your standing up for people who mutilate woman against there will? The article says that even Egyptians think the practice is barbaric and is outlawed there. The article is telling you what’s going on its not being biased one way or another.

        • Omnom Bacon

          No. I disagree with his statements. FGM is wrong. Period. However it’s not up to us to force our way in and try to change things. Or we’ll end up with Iraq all over again. And IS. And all of the fun we’re having over there now. They need to fix their own issues. The most telling thing is s/he lumps democrats in with terrorists and traitors.

          • e

            if we can use our influence to help other cultures we should absolutely do so. Don’t need troops on the ground to have an impact on other cultures.

          • Dan Doe

            I think he means the change needs to come from that culture, if another country outside that culture force them to stop they won’t learn and move forward on there own, so it wont last. It needs to come from their cultures will to move forward not an ultimatum from foreigners.

        • Brad

          We mutilate men against their will. I bet you stand up for that.

          • Germain

            When it proves to be a health risk,sure. I’d rather not have my baby die of a possible infection brought on by a uncircumcised foreskin. Link me a page that refutes any type of infection that cant happen,brad.

  • ima_robot_beepbeepbeep

    100% of jewish boys undergo genital mutilation. that makes jews 8% more evil than muslims.

    • grog

      100% of Muslim boys undergo the same mutilation

      • Brad

        Yeah, they’e both evil religions.

    • Gregg Leventhal

      That’s a really dumb comment, and wrong on multiple levels. Also, this appears to be an Egyptian publication, so it really makes no sense to bring Jews into this discussion other than just trying to crowbar your views into a discussion that doesn’t warrant them. Stop making everything black and white, Muslim vs Jew, your rhetoric is ill informed and useless.

      • Omnom Bacon
        • Gregg Leventhal

          Just saying what? That a very small minority of super Orthodox Jews practice this gross tradition? You’re not saying anything really, nothing pertinent to this discussion anyhow.

          • Brad

            The cutting causes more damage than the sucking.

            I’d rather have my foreskin back if it meant some gross man sucking it briefly than not have my foreskin if it meant the sick man never did that.


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