Prominent Activist Alaa Abdel Fattah Acquitted of Insulting Interior Ministry

Prominent Activist Alaa Abdel Fattah Acquitted of Insulting Interior Ministry

Democracy activist Alaa Abdel Fattah is still imprisoned for violating Egypt's restrictive protest law
Democracy activist Alaa Abdel Fattah is still imprisoned for violating Egypt’s restrictive protest law

Political activist Alaa Abdel Fattah was acquitted of insulting the Ministry of Interior on Saturday, but the activist remains behind bars where he serves a five year sentence.

Abdel Fattah had been sentenced to a month in prison and a fine for insulting the Interior Ministry, while facing another trial for charges of illegal assembly.

He stood trial alongside 24 others for violating Egypt’s protest law, which was issued in November 2013 and has since been the epicentre of wide criticism by domestic and international human rights organisations.

A protest was organised by some of the defendants, in which they denounced an article in the constitution which permits military trials for civilians, within days after the law was issued.

In February, Abdel Fattah was sentenced to five years of maximum security prison by a Cairo court for violating the protest law.

The trial eventually came to be known as the “Shura Council” trial because it was held outside Egypt’s Shura Council, which previously served as one of two houses of parliament before Egypt switched to one legislature.

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  • Dr. Hashem

    this guy makng trouble sayng things no one likes but the government respecting him for say hisopinon in freedom for being Egyptian.

    This is the power of the SISI who accepting everyone like precious children that he loving anyway the strong son, the smart son, the disagree son. all being accepted in the SISI becayse he has power even the fat son accpted

    • Sally Wilton

      what rubbish. sisi is a dictator and is making sure that he stays in power and reaps all the benefits of the economy for the military. The military economic power has grown massively in the past 4 years and he is not going to give that up. Millions of egyptians meanwhile live in poverty, in shanty towns that are filthy and don’t have sewerage systems or water. they have no money, no opportunity and miserable lives. You should be in total shame if you are egyptian and should certainly not be supporting this disgusting leader.

      • Ramez Magdy

        i live in Egypt, and i agree 100% with you! It is about time for the people to get down to the street again in large number, and ask for Sisi to step down, he is leading Egypt into the abyss, the destruction that he will be creating will be too much if no action is taken to stop him. I am sorry for Egypt, the revolution is being stolen by the criminals in uniform and in suit & ties.

        • Dr. Hashem

          this is coward ignorance no other man in egypt can lead the people in this time of traitors

          egyptian only follow people we respect this os our way and why SISI is our leader

          you want to be egyptian or understand the egyptian now you understand

          • Sally Wilton

            You have lost the plot sorry to say M. Hashem

          • Ahmed Meligy

            Are you on ACID !!!!
            He got 5 freakin YEARS in a MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON, Simply because he went on a protest asking for FREEDOM

            And you calling us a Crowd Ignorance

        • Sally Wilton

          Sisi has concerned himself so much with attacking opponents within that he has failed to notice the borders of his own country and now IS is going to take over. I am sorry for people living in Egypt as I firmly believe that unless Sisi steps down immediately the injustice and poverty will easily enable IS to walk through Egypt and nothing will be able to stop them.

      • dr. hashem

        SISI even accept fat liars and the media to talk because he is powered from the truth.


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