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Footballer Ahmed Refaat Passes Away 4 Months After a Heart Attack

July 6, 2024

Egyptian footballer, Ahmed Refaat, died on Saturday 6 July at the age of 31.

Refaat, who played at Modern Sport Club, has had health troubles that began abruptly when he collapsed during the Egyptian Premier League match on 11 March, necessitating a medically induced coma that lasted nine days. Initially admitted to a hospital in Alexandria, he was transferred to Cairo on 25 March for ongoing medical care.

Although discharged on April 11, Refaat continued to undergo treatment, relying on a pacemaker,  a medical device that controls heart rhythm, for support.

“On the day he was injured, we were watching the match on television. When he got injured, our hearts broke for him, may he rest in peace. We didn’t expect the injury to lead to such severe suffering,” Refaat’s uncle, Mahmoud el Askari said.

According to a reporter, in the days leading up to Refaat’s passing, there was notable progress in his health condition. He underwent two surgeries in Egypt, with plans for a critical procedure in Italy.

“He experienced a malignant electrical malfunction in the heart due to a blockage in the coronary artery. He survived the first time, but the condition worsened despite the placement of a stent.” Gamal Shaaban, a cardiology consultant explained, “Most likely, a larger new blockage and severe electrical malfunction led to heart muscle failure. May he rest in peace.”

The Egyptian Premier League mourned the player Refaat in an official statement on their respective official pages. As a mark of respect, the League has indefinitely postponed today’s scheduled match between Modern Sport and Arab Contractors in the thirtieth week of fixtures.

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