7 New Desserts for the Adventurous to Try in Egypt

7 New Desserts for the Adventurous to Try in Egypt


Have a sweet tooth and time to waste? Pull up a chair, you’ll be here a while. It’s rare to find something stay at a constant these days. Why should dessert be any different? Rare doesn’t always mean good and as long as there are new things to try, who’s really going to complain?  Here are seven suggestions on where you might get your next dose of sugary goodness next, especially if you’re looking to go beyond the traditional:

 Dip N’ Dip


Waffles for breakfast? How about lunch and dinner too? Located in Cairo Festival City among other branches, Dip N’ Dip specializes in masterfully putting chocolate of various colors on waffles and other dippable delicacies. They also have a mini chocolate fountain customers can order to dip fruits, candies, and tiny pieces of chocolate inside. What’s better than molten chocolate… on top of chocolate?

Frozzy Twist

Frozzy 2

Ice cream’s been a cornerstone of desserts for pretty long. Everyone knows the process: the ice cream is made and scooped individually into cones (or sundaes for people with bigger dreams). Frozzy Twist set a trend by being one of the first places in Egypt to introduce rolled ice cream. While still retaining its taste, rolled ice creams adds an extra layer of creaminess and ensures satisfaction for ice cream philiacs everywhere. You can create your own flavors and choose your own toppings just the way you like it. Frozzy Twist is located in Nasr City.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (N2 Lab Ice Cream)

N20 icecream 3

Sounds dangerous, right?  Not only is N2 Labs breaking new grounds with having small amounts of liquid nitrogen in their ice cream, they’re also combining flavors you usually wouldn’t see together. The liquid nitrogen’s presence allows the consumer to breathe harmless smoke out of the mouth that satisfies taste and vision. Next time you’re in the mood for something new, why don’t you go try their Honey and Tahina flavor and watch the smoke come out of your mouth as you dig in? If you’re not feeling that adventurous, go with a safer option: pistachio and coconut. Located in Golf City Mall, Obour City.


Hamza 4

Everyone’s heard of Hamza by now. Not many people know their desserts and that makes them very underrated. Hamza introduced an old favorite but also broke new grounds with it: Fteer caked with nutella and ice cream sandwich bits. While that may not sound like much to the average reader, words may never describe how great this dessert actually tastes (From personal experience!). Hamza is located in New Cairo, in front of the National Park and near Wonderland Park.

Sizzling Caramel Cake (T.G.I Friday’s)

Sizzling caramel cake 5

Friday’s recently introduced a new dessert and it’s been gaining traction and positive reviews from consumers. It consists of a chocolate cake island surrounded by a sea of sizzling caramel that retains its heat even as you’re eating it. The caramel combines a salty-sweet combination with the warm chocolate and to top it all off, they’ve thrown a scoop of vanilla ice cream stacked with almonds and… you guessed it, more caramel.  TGIF has numerous branches across Egypt.

Steamed Date Pudding (Ted’s)

Steamed date pudding 6

Simple, to the point, delicious. Ted’s wowed their customers when they introduced date pudding. The pudding itself melts onto the plate and is topped with a piece of ginger cake. Walnuts and a big helping of vanilla ice cream is placed on top of the cake for a very delicious dessert. Ted’s is located in  City Stars, fourth floor.

Red Velvet Knafa (Dukes)


And just when knafa couldn’t get any better, Dukes stepped in. Mostly unchanged since its introduction into Arabic culture, knafa has been unchanging but definitely not abandoned, especially in Ramadan. Dukes incorporated red velvet into the equation and while it may be controversial to those who believe knafa should remain unchanged, trying it is the only way to judge for yourself.

What are you favorite unusual desserts? Comment below!

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