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Egyptian ‘Taxi Plus’ – a Savior of Traditional Taxis or a Lost Fight?

December 26, 2016

As a young girl, my mom wouldn’t let me ride taxis, which at first I thought of as bizzare since everyone rode them. I mean what could happen to me? As I grew up, I understood why. There are many crazy things in Egypt: from the miracle of being able to actually cross the crowded and lawless roads, to parliament members who advocate wild causes. We Egyptians love ‘crazy’ – an Ahly-Zamalek football match stops the 90 million strong country in its tracks. ‘Crazy’ defines us and makes Egypt our Egypt. But not everything is always positive. Taxi drivers in Egypt are one of the crazy things most Egyptians do not appreciate. Even hailing a taxi in Egypt can be a feat. You could stand stranded in the streets for hours because none of the taxis you stopped would give you as you’re not going where they want you to go. I have often wondered, where are they all going? Any problems people face with taxis in Egypt are minute compared to the glorious moment when they hear the fare. Taxis over charge like crazy. The same ride where you pay EGP 10 with…

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