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From Cairo to Disney: The Egyptian Artist Behind the Musical’s Beast Scenes

March 29, 2017

Most of us fell in love with the newly released musical Beauty and the Beast, a remake of Disney’s 1991 animation.What most of us did not know is that Egyptian Visual Effects Producer and Production Manager Mohamed Ali was one of the artists working behind the scenes to make the movie the masterpiece that has come out. For more than two years, Ali has brought details as small as the Beast’s saliva to life. Egyptian Streets had a chat with Ali about his journey from Cairo to Disney, which scenes were his favorite to work on, and his future aspirations. Do movie makers usually approach you for a task, or do you approach them? How did Beauty and the Beast end up in your hands? It is a mixture of both. I often approach companies to work on huge projects, but I also receive requests from companies whom I have a working relationship with. Beauty and the Beast happened to be the next gig I was offered after finishing up working on Fast and Furious 7 and Pixels at Digital Domain, one of the biggest VFX houses in the world. It…

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