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Egypt’s Left Handed Struggle with Superstition

August 13, 2018

It is no hidden fact that a vast majority of Egypt’s population tends to hold a vast multitude of beliefs dear to the heart beyond religious ones. As such, one of these beliefs, most common in the Muslim community, is that it is sinful to be using the left hand as opposed to the right. Egyptian lefties have often grown up being told to forcibly use their right hand, particularly for eating. It is also part of the upbringing of an Egyptian child to hear stories discouraging one to use his left hand such as: those who hold holy books with their left hand would end up in hell or using the left hand inspires the devil to be one’s companion. Vilifying lefties is not a modern occurrence. Indeed, according to some outlets such as Business Insider, lefties were persecuted, labeled as evil or accused of being witches for it. One Egyptian woman, Salma Abdel Ghany, tells Egyptian Streets that when people discover that she is left handed, they tell her a fun fact about lefties being liars or about how they die earlier. ”My mom definitely pressured me to…

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