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#CleanYourOwnMess Campaign Sheds Light on Egypt’s Neglected Pollution Issues

September 26, 2018
Photo source: Othman’s photo

A recent study by Eco Experts on the global level of pollution ranks Cairo as the most polluted city in the world. Despite efforts, campaigns and initiatives to tackle pollution issues in Cairo, the problems of air, water and ground pollution are still rampant as the message fails to reach the country’s mass population. Local Egyptian photographer Taimour Othman launched his new campaign #CleanYourOwnMess in the middle of the summer although it is still ongoing today.The campaign is intended at raising awareness on how simple acts and habits in everyday life contribute greatly to worsening pollution. “Pollution/waste has always been something I noticed since I was a little kid, my father used to always tell me, when we used to go to the desert, that we must leave nothing behind,.’’ explains Othman who sees that most people reduce the problem to pollution as not throwing away waste in the streets. Othman was credited with the #ThisIsEgypt and #RoamEgypt hashtag aiming to showcase the best of Egypt to Egyptians and foreigners alike. Since April, social media users and various local media outlets have pointed out Egypt’s increasingly bigger problem with plastic….

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