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US Social Media Influencers Praise Security Conditions in Egypt

November 19, 2018

Social media influencers and photographers praised this week security conditions in the country during a tour of Egypt’s tourist attractions organized by AmCham Egypt in cooperation with the Tourism Ministry encompassing the cities of Cairo, Luxor and El-Gouna. The tour included ten social media influencers and bloggers from the United States. It aims to promote Egypt as a favorable destination among tourists from all over the world and positioning it as an attractive, safe, and unique travel and investment spot, according to a statement released by the AmCham this week. The AmCham organizes this tour every year as part of efforts to boost tourism in Egypt. “I am from New York City and a lot of people think that it is dangerous but the truth is that it is one of the safest cities in the world. Here when you get to Cairo you notice the heightened security,” Tyson Wheatley, a New York-based photographer, told Egyptian Streets. Wheatley added, “There are checkpoints, men with machine guns and when you go to hotels there are lots of security. There are metal detectors, etc. I do not think that at any point…

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