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Seven Contemporary Egyptian Writers Shedding Light on Egyptian Culture & Beyond

February 19, 2020

In the words of the legendary Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz, “art is a criticism of society and life, and I believe that if life became perfect, art would be meaningless and cease to exist” – which is precisely why the art of storytelling (in any way, shape or form) has always been a vital part of existence.  That being said however, it is worth giving a nod to the storytellers who pour their thoughts, souls and hearts out into the incredibly difficult art of writing. Putting certain words together in a way that is both coherent and will beautifully resonate with readers is something to be commended and admired.  Although there are plenty of notable writers whose works we may or may not be familiar with, it is absolutely necessary to take a step back and appreciate the beauty and knowledge literature has to offer us especially today, when the rhythm of life is fast and less time is allocated to reading. In addition to that, we must also make efforts to support our local artistic community, especially considering the fact that, despite the general society’s criticism or taboo around…

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