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Dairy-Free and Delicious: 3 Local All Vegan Brands

August 27, 2020
From left to right: Kaju vegan cheese, Granville St vegan breakfast cookie, Fuel cashew milk.

Consuming dairy-free, plant-based products has become more and more of a norm in recent years. After years of consuming processed foods that have adverse effects on both our health and the environment, more and more people are opting to go for an overall healthier lifestyle.

For many, a healthier lifestyle has meant switching to a vegan diet. Veganism can be quite challenging at first due to the fact that one must restrict themselves from using any animal-based products whatsoever, including dairy products. 

As such, those who lead a vegan diet must find alternatives to some of their most beloved animal-based products such as burgers and, more prevalently, milk – a product which most of us consume on a regular basis. 

With veganism becoming more of a trend however, it has gotten easier to both lead a vegan diet, as well as find numerous alternatives to various animal-based products. Burgers have been replaced with plant-based vegan burgers and cow milk or the like has been replaced with options such as almond milk, coconut milk and oat milk. 

That being said, even Egypt has been hopping aboard the vegan express in recent years, with more local brands popping up and offering vegan options. That being said, veganism is actually not all new to the Egyptian population, as Egypt’s Coptic Christians are used to adopting this diet with various fasts throughout the year.

These three local brands in particular however, have dedicated themselves to offering solely vegan-based products. 

Catering to a niche, quite small, vegan market in the midst of a heavily animal-product consuming population, these brands must strive to offer quality and taste in order to make a mark in Egypt’s consumer market. 


Vegan Chocolate Truffles. Image courtesy of Kaju Facebook page.

Kaju is a relatively recent all vegan brand that primarily offers a wide range of plant-based desserts, in addition to a small selection of savory plant-based options as well. According to their Facebook page, “[We are] Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Soy-free and Sugar-free. All our items are healthy and made with love!”

Their menu includes both ready to eat options, as well as options that are available for cooking. Of the options available for cooking are, Lentil and Mushroom Burgers, Quinoa and Beetroot Burgers and Vegan Pizza. 

Kaju Vegan Cheese. Image courtesy of Kaju Facebook page.

Their ready to eat menu ranges from items such as vegan truffles and ice cream to vegan raw cakes and cashew cheese. Some of their items can be found in some select supermarkets, or they can be ordered online through their Facebook or Instagram pages. 

Granville St

Granville St’s wide range of freshly baked cookies. Image courtesy of Granville St Facebook page.

This all cookie brand produces numerous innovatively flavored cookies that are all completely plant-based. According to their Facebook page, “Granville St. Egypt is an artisanal food studio and lifestyle shop in Dokki, Cairo. We believe food should be naturally beautiful and full of delight, and we’re not shy about where it comes from (it’s local) or how it’s made (by hand).”

From Chocolate Earl Grey cookies to Matcha and Ginger Molasses, Granville St offers both traditional as well as non-traditional flavors in their cookie range. They are dairy-free and refines sugar-free, naturally sweetened using raw honey. 

Granville St’s Breakfast Cookie. Image courtesy of Granville St Facebook page.

Their page goes on to say that, “We specialize in clean, baked goods and culinary creations. Many of our recipes are a fresh take on classics that remind us of a better time in our collective culinary history.”

These cookies can be found in select supermarkets or can be ordered directly online through their Facebook or Instagram page. 


Fuel’s new range of dairy-free milk products. Image courtesy of Fuel Instagram page.

This local brand offers premium Egyptian plant-based products, currently mostly consisting of milk, oils and butters. Fuel is another relatively new local entity that is all about encouraging a vegan, or rather ‘healthier’, lifestyle through the products they offer. 

Currently available are their range of cashew, coconut, hazelnut, oat and almond milk – as well as almond and peanut butter and coconut oil. In addition to this, they also offer products such as Himalayan salt, raw almonds, and a range of juices.

These products may be purchased online through their Instagram page. 

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