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From Street to Culture: UNTY’s Female-led “Berahet-ha” Preaches Women’s Freedom in Egypt

September 21, 2020
Berahet-ha Campaign Photo courtesy of Najla Said.

Egyptian clothing brand UNTY recently released a clothing campaign called Berahet-ha, an Arabic slogan that is centered on Egyptian women’s personal freedom. The campaign included a shirt that has just been released for pre-order, and a bucket hat and tote bag soon to be released. With the numerous events that have happened in Egypt in the past ten years, UNTY’s designs have been adjusting to the many sub-cultures that were introduced. Of those subcultures was the most recent feminist movement in Egypt. “The [Berahet-ha] design was first introduced two years ago inspired by a moment in traffic. I spotted a ‏براحتها [Berahet-ha] sticker on the back of a microbus. The word itself in the context of the streets of Cairo was too ironic to just ignore honestly, since the reality of the situation couldn’t be farther from the truth,” Mobarek said. UNTY was founded in 2013 by Omar Mobarek and his partner Omar Fayez as an Egyptian street style brand that is in tune with pop culture. “The mission behind UNTY is to constantly evolve with the people, places, music, film, art, food…everything that inspires us. All these little things…

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