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16 Photos Showcasing Egypt’s Diverse Landscapes

16 Photos Showcasing Egypt’s Diverse Landscapes

Combined photos of Egypt courtesy of photographers credited below.

The desert scene is one that Egyptians abroad are often mistaken to permanently live in, whether with a camel-related transportation joke or breaking the myth of owning a personal pyramid. Egyptians often have to clarify that Egypt holds scenery far beyond the pyramids and the sandy desert.

Egypt contains over 25 large cities, yet Cairo and Alexandria have overtaken visual and popular culture, with other cities and towns rarely getting attention. Solely captured by Egyptian photographers, these photos showcase the vast and diverse scenery of Egypt, from beaches, lakes and urban scenes, all the way to the mountains and forests that dot the country!

Al Miaddiyyah, Markaz Edko in El Beheira. Photo Courtesy of Abdelrahman Ibrahim
Alexandria shore. Photo Courtesy of Abdelrahman Ibrahim.
Port Said. Photo Courtesy of Ahmed Abdeltawab.
El Montazah Palace in Alexandria. Photo Courtesy of Mahmoud El Hafez.
Al Zagazig. Photo Courtesy of Mohamed Abdulhafiz.
Luxor. Photo Courtesy of Hassan Mohamed.
North Coast. Photo Courtesy of Omar Samy.
Al Quseir on the Red Sea. Photo Courtesy of Omar Samy.
El Ain El Sokhna. Photo Courtesy of Omar Samy.
The Fossil Jungle in New Cairo. Photo Courtesy of Omar Salem.
Saint Catherine Mountain. Photo Courtesy of Hassan Mohamed.
Qena. Photo Courtesy of Raawan Ashraf.
Luxor. Photo Courtesy of Seif Amro.
El Wahat. Photo Courtesy of Seif Amro.
Ras El Bar. Photo Courtesy of Ahmed Abdeltawab.
Bridge over the Nile. Photo Courtesy of Kirolous Hanna.

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