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Legal Tech Startup Hekouky is Committed to Making Egyptian Law Accessible

November 19, 2020
Photo courtesy of Hekouky.com

How much do Egyptians know about their rights and laws? Not much, new legaltech startup Hekouky says. In an Egypt ridden with sexual assault cases and a rising tide of citizens becoming more and more empowered to get their justice, accessibility and knowledge of Egyptian law is necessary more than ever. However, not everyone has a law degree or the time to read and deconstruct the law. Hekouky, founded by lawyer Hala Riad, is a startup aiming to create a legal tech innovation to make the law accessible and answer people’s legal questions by connecting lawyers with clients and building an online community making their relationship easier to navigate. Riad’s motivation to start Hekouky comes from her family that includes several lawyers. “It was very clear to me from a very young age that the law is a tool that either makes you the most vulnerable person to problems, or it empowers you, and it makes you someone that is capable of being protected, taking on life’s challenges and excelling,” Riad told Egyptian Streets. When Riad was studying in England, whenever she had a legal problem, such as a problem…

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