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’Tis the Season: 5 Places in Cairo to Get Christmas Decorations

’Tis the Season: 5 Places in Cairo to Get Christmas Decorations

Image via Pexels.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again – the time of reds, golds and greens, wrapping ourselves up in warm blankets, sipping on a delectable cup of hot chocolate and shamelessly binging every classic Christmas movie that comes to mind. 

While Egypt may not be the most festive place when it comes to being bombarded with Christmas decorations everywhere one goes, there are those who make efforts to bring the festivities to life at home. That being said, some homes really do go all out with decorations and while Christmas decorations may not necessarily be overflowing every store in the country, there are a few annual favorites that never fail to deliver. 

The following places or areas cater to every Christmas aficionado, offering a wide variety of decorations at different price points – some of them being commercial favorites, while others are for those looking to go the extra mile. In any case, these venues will undoubtedly offer a little something for everyone this Christmas season. 


From the Vinter 2020 collection. Image via IKEA Egypt website.

IKEA is, of course, the obvious go-to store when it comes to all things Christmas. Every season, the global megastore never fails to deliver on a wide selection of Christmas or Christmas-themed decorations. This is a great option for those wanting aesthetically pleasing contemporary Christmas decorations, although prices may be slightly more on the expensive side. 


Image via Cow Facebook page.

A wonderful gift shop with branches all across Cairo (Zamalek, Maadi, Nasr City, Mohandeseen and New Cairo) Cow may be one of the most Christmas-y stores in Egypt. This little gift shop always makes efforts to transform the store every season so that one feels the Christmas spirit by simply looking at the window display. Cow offers an extensive and diverse Christmas collection, with everything from trees to nutcrackers, wreaths and so much more.


H&M store at Mall of Egypt. Image via Cairo Pulse.

A slightly peculiar addition to the list, while H&M is known for its clothing items, the store also offers a small variety of Christmas decorations. Although the selection of Christmas decorations is not particularly extensive, there are a few tree ornaments one could pick up, in addition to a few other decorations that one could make do with. Keep in mind however, that these ornaments may be slightly expensive for what they are. 


New Cairo Oscar Grand Stores (supermarket) branch. Image source unknown.

Yes, Oscar may be a supermarket, but one can also find a wide range of Christmas decorations at this supermarket as well. Oscar would be the perfect option for those wanting to do a quick grocery run, perhaps even in hopes of picking up a few things for a festive Christmas meal, while also quickly grabbing a few things to brighten up the tree or home in general. If anyone find themselves tight on time, Oscar is the way to go. 

El Nozha el Gedida (New Nozha)

Christmas decorations in a shop in Cairo. Photo by REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany.

Adding an entire area to the list may count as cheating, however this is the perfect place to go to for extensive Christmas decoration shopping. To visit el Nozha el Gedida and truly make the most out of the visit, one must make sure to have plenty of time on hand to thoroughly go through as many stores as possible. Not only is this area full of shops that offer a wide variety of Christmas. decorations, but these shops also usually offer most of these products at wonderfully affordable prices. 

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