Bernie Sanders Meme Reaches Egypt

Bernie Sanders Meme Reaches Egypt

If you’ve been around social media or the internet for the past few days since Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration, you would have come across the widely popular meme that is now taking the internet by storm: Bernie Sanders.

Senator Bernie Sanders sat on a folding chair on the Capitol steps in an old-fashioned jacket and handmade mittens created by a local teacher, which almost instantly was turned into a meme and was photoshopped on countless pictures and scenarios.

Fans reimagined the 79-year-old in several locations: on New York City subways, the fourth member of the cast of Sex and the City, front row at a fashion show next to Frank Ocean, and more.

The meme also reached Egypt, and became an instant hit on social media, with many Egyptians sharing it and photoshopping Sanders’ image on other locations in Egypt.

Egyptian Streets gathered a collection of these memes below:

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