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Bee3 Card Game Takes Egypt’s Gaming Market by Storm

June 29, 2021

Albert Tadros excitedly opens a plastic box, revealing a satisfyingly neat display of coloring markers, tin boxes, and piles of paper squares. “It’s the Crit Kit,” he announces proudly. Out of context, it may look like a complicated craft project, but the ‘Crit Kit’ actually holds the prototypes for newly established Egyptian startup Crit Gaming, for which Tadros is the Chief Product Officer. Crit Gaming launched its first card game, Bee3 (which translates to “sell”) in September 2020. The game allows players to utilize their social and negotiation skills to build businesses in different districts. Chief Marketing Officer Taher Medhat explains that the paper squares in the Crit Kit inspired the unique shape of the cards used in Bee3. “We got used to their shape and it sets our playing cards apart from the standard size,” he says. The primitive appearance of the prototypes helped its creators focus on the game mechanics before it was brought to life through its fresh and playful design, which, according to Chief Operating Officer Ali Salama, was meant to be Egyptianized in a contemporary way to provide the Egyptian market with a game that’s…

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