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Egyptian-German Hip-Hop Artist Khalid Gad Drops His First Single’s Music Video

July 2, 2021
Screenshot from Khalid Gad’s music video for “First Game”

Berlin-based Egyptian hip-hop artist Khalid Gad premiered a music video for his new hit track titled “First Game” (Awel Leba) on Friday 2 July. “First Game” is the first single off the 27-year-old’s upcoming album.

The Egyptian-German urban creative first rose to fame in late 2019 with his previous release, a cover of the global hit “Despacito“, which amassed more than 17 million views.

“I’m really feeling confident about what we have done and the quality we are delivering but I’m so nervous at the moment,” said Gad to Egyptian Streets about the premiere of his new release.

“I am holding my breath and feel like a student who has studied so hard and worked so hard for his test and who is now waiting for his exam results”.

In “First Game,” Gad serves a spectacular sonic cocktail sitting at the intersection of melodic rap and fast-paced hip-hop. With singing segments using auto-tune textures, Gad’s single has the potential to appeal to both connoisseurs of the genre and mainstream listeners alike.

When asked why he selected “First Game” (which you can watch below) as the first single off his upcoming album, Gad said he wanted to start with a “song that talks about my life story and who I am”.

Earlier this year, Gad released another single titled “Yamma” featuring BKZ and released via GXR Records. “Yamma” is a deeply moving ode to Khalid’s mother and offers a first glimpse into his capabilities; Gad alternates between Arabic and German while singing and rapping smoothly throughout the switches.

‘Be a voice, not an echo’

Screenshot from Khalid Gad’s music video for “First Game”

Gad’s motto is ‘be a voice not an echo.’

“Be a voice not an echo is my life quote. Raise your voice up, be original, be yourself, be confident and fight for your beliefs. Don’t just be a follower who has no target or goal,” said Gad when asked to elaborate about his motto.

“For me, I am here to let the universe hear my voice any my name.”

To date, Gad has built a solid reputation for himself in the Egyptian music and art scene, with multiple live performances and event appearances. Known for his creative covers and motivational tracks, the fast-rising artist is currently gearing up to release his debut album with GXR Records, including eight singles and eight music videos.

His magnetic persona and strong penchant for exploring multiple genres and styles are some of the elements allowing one to foresee a bright future for him in Egypt’s growing urban music scene.

The exciting and ever-evolving artist displays his prime creative shape with this new release, setting a solid foundation to keep expanding his musical horizons and to exponentially increase his already large fan base.

For Egyptian fans, Gad hopes to perform in Egypt again soon.

“I wish and hope to make it to Egypt as soon as I can,” said Gad to Egyptian Streets. “I am happy whenever I am standing and performing in front of my people”.

Find out more about Khalid Gad: InstagramFacebookYouTube

Listen to Gad’s single on Spotify below.

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