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Get Competitive With These 5 Egyptian-Made Games

August 20, 2021
Photo credit: 2oolameme
Photo credit: 2oolameme

The untapped market for Egyptian-made card and board games has been growing at a steady pace in the last few years, and it has given many young entrepreneurs a chance to harness that trademark Egyptian humor in fun, lighthearted games targeting avid gamers.

These may never replace the classics like tawla or tarneeb, but they will make a great addition to any gathering.

Al Hekaya

Photo credit: Zag Games

Al Hekaya (The Story) is a card game that helps you utilize your improvisational skills by coming up with a story. One person takes on the role of the ‘author’ and begins their story using a prompt provided in one of the story prompt cards. The remaining players then begin asking questions about the story while providing criteria cards that the author must follow, such as a particular location, timing, or letter to be used.

The best part about the game is that each round is completely different since the stories will always be diverse and unpredictable – a perfect game for creative thinkers!

Buy it online for EGP 300.

2ool Ameme

Photo credit: 2oolameme

Your friends may be masters in creating hilarious memes, but who is the funniest? You will finally get to answer that question with 2ool Ameme (Say a Meme), a card game featuring Egyptian meme cards as well as statement cards. The game can be played in four different modes, but the general idea is to match the statements with the memes and vote for the funniest pairing, or the players can try to guess the memes through the charades mode.

This game is ideal for friends who love to joke around and just want a laid-back night of laughter.

Buy it online for EGP 210.


Photo credit: Crit Gaming

If you have ever wanted to launch your own startup, Bee3 (Sell) is a great way to practice by establishing your own kiosk, fuul cart, or microbus. The social strategy game requires players to build businesses in Egyptian districts by negotiating with the other players and fostering a business-savvy approach. However, be prepared to have all your hard work ruined in an instant if presented with a 7arami (thief) or baltagi (goon) card.

The negotiation and social skills factors in Bee3 make for highly competitive gameplay that vastly differs depending on who you are playing with.

Buy it online or at Hamley’s branches for EGP 250.

7areef El 7uruf

Photo credit: Makouk

A fast and entertaining game that is also educational, 7areef El 7uruf (Letter Guru) is very simple: it comprises dice with Arabic letters on them and the players have to form words using the letters provided. Not only is it challenging for Egyptians, but it is also a great tool for improving Arabic for foreigners!

The game is simple enough to play with children and grandparents alike and makes a great addition for family trips.

Buy it online for EGP 150.

Klaket Awel Marra

Photo credit: Klaket Awel Marra

Egyptian movie buffs, this one is for you! Klaket Awel Marra (Take One, Action!) is actually two games in one box: the first one is a simple guessing game where you have to guess the name of the movie based on the two actors who starred in it. The second, however, is more fun and features a spinning wheel that offers four choices, such as movie trivia, movie jokes, or movie charades.

The person with the least number of points has to pick a ‘dare’ card, most of which are theater-themed, so be prepared to literally go through an entire song and dance if you lose.

Buy it online for EGP 200.

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