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5 English Beach Reads to Take on Your Next Vacation in Egypt

5 English Beach Reads to Take on Your Next Vacation in Egypt

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A true reader would tell you that there’s never a bad time to start a new book – unless you’ve got a deadline approaching, of course – but one of life’s greatest pleasures is reading by the beach, where you can truly immerse yourself in the book’s events and engage with the content.

Egyptian Streets compiled a list of books in different genres that will make your vacation all the richer – just remember to apply sunblock before getting lost in the pages of these picks!

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

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Genre: Nonfiction

In this book, the author asks provocative questions about the human race, such as how our ancestors created cities and nations and how humans began to implement laws and use money by using concepts from studies such as economics, anthropology, and biology. The book tackles the whole of human history and poses the question of how we can influence the future.

This book is recommended for anyone who is naturally curious and enjoys uncovering the mysteries of how humans came to be, but if you tend to drift off when historical topics come up, maybe skip this one.

The Last of the Moon Girls by Barbara Davis

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Genre: Fiction

This mystery title follows the life of Lizzy Moon, who returns to her family farm after the death of her grandmother. She finds her deceased grandmother’s journal and vows to prove her grandmother’s innocence against the accusations made against her due to the unsolved murders that occurred in the farm.

This book is ideal for readers who enjoy thrilling page-turners that keep them on the edge of their seat. Plus, the content isn’t as scary if you’re by the beach, right?

Eat, Sleep, Innovate: How to Make Creativity an Everyday Habit Inside Your Organization by Scott D. Anthony, Paul Cobban, Natalie Painchaud, and Andy Parker

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Genre: Business

In this book, the authors use case studies and behavioral science research to shed light on organizations that do “extraordinary things.” It is considered a playbook that readers can use to use hacks and tools to make their own companies more innovative and competitive.

This book is suitable for young entrepreneurs who are constantly hungry for more information on how to excel and set themselves apart in the business world. It’s also a fun way to take a break while remaining productive!

We Are Displaced by Malala Yousafzai

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Genre: Memoir, nonfiction

Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai explores the stories of individuals who have been displaced after visiting refugee camps, and the stories cause her to discuss her own displacement. The book acts as part-memoir, part-storytelling, and it is a moving account of how the displaced individuals we read about in the news each have their own aspirations and dreams.

This book is perfect for those passionate about politics and finding out more about the migration crisis; the storytelling approach sets it out among traditional scholarly articles and biographies.

The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn

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Genre: Romance

Fans of the Netflix show Bridgerton won’t hesitate to buy this one; it follows the life of Anthony Bridgerton, a London bachelor who decides to settle down, except his potential wife’s sister keeps getting in the way to help her sister marry for love instead of convenience.

This title is perfect for hopeless romantics who enjoy getting lost in a fantasy world of drama and plot twists.

Stay tuned for our list of must-read Arabic titles soon!

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