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Memoriiva: The Egyptian Brand Turning Children’s Artwork Into Magic

Memoriiva: The Egyptian Brand Turning Children’s Artwork Into Magic

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“Children’s drawings are beautiful. These drawings are more than just a hobby for children, they are a form of expression. Some children reveal their emotions through their drawings; they have deeper meanings than just simple drawings,” says Aya Essam, Founder of Memoriiva.

A graduate of Applied Arts from the October 6 University, Essam stumbled upon multiple jobs until she found her true calling with the ones she loves most: children.


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Launched in November 2021, Memoriiva sells keychains, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, bookmarks, all customized with children’s drawing or handwriting. Under the slogan “​​A memory that shines your life”, Memoriiva, derived from ‘memories’, turns children’s artwork into special gifts.


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“I realized that I’m going to feel the happiest if I combine the three things I love the most in my life: children, family, and drawing,” Essam tells Egyptian Streets.

The 33-year-old explains that her products bring “good vibes” to the parents on a tough, stressful day, and to the children when they see that their artwork came to life.

“From their birth to the time they reach four or five years of age is a very precious and special time period that passes quickly and never comes back. The things that happen during that time are milestones. So, I want people to give more attention to this period and appreciate it more,” she adds. “The fact that I can give people the chance to keep these special memories alive makes me very happy.”

Once the client shares a photo of his or her child’s artwork, the drawing is then shared with the graphic designer, and then to the workshop to execute it on copper-plated silver or silver accessories.

“The entire process currently takes 15 days, but we are working on reducing the time period.”

Although prices are dependent on the size of the drawing, the average price for their current bestseller, the keychain, is EGP 450 ($29).

Their designs are never repeated, even if clients see them on the page and request them. “It’s a memory for the person who requested it only. We never make a design twice.”


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“In the future, I hope to have an art studio, with my own workshop. The place would be dedicated for children and their parents to enjoy quality time together, where the children can draw, and then see their drawings executed on spot,” concludes Essam excitedly.

Find out more about Memoriiva by clicking here.

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