Azhar Imam Condemns Restrictions on Non-Muslims During Ramadan

Azhar Imam Condemns Restrictions on Non-Muslims During Ramadan


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The Azhar Imam, Ahmed al-Tayeb, condemned the restrictions imposed on non-Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan for eating and drinking during the day.

The statement came a few days after Koshari El-Tahrir, a well-known restaurant chain, presumably denied a Christian woman and her daughter food during the day. The restaurant’s refusal to serve the food was built on the premise of consideration to those who were fasting and working at the restaurant.

Al-Tayeb described the restrictions as ‘absurd,’ as stated in the Sout al-Azhar (Azhar Voice) newspaper. Al-Tayeb reiterated how fasting Muslims should not be bothered by non-Muslims who are eating and drinking during the day, adding how the restrictions for non-Muslims do not align with Islam.

He begged the question of whether the restriction applied to non-Muslims would also be applied to the children who are not of age for fasting, asking if children would also be not allowed to eat and drink during the day as well.

Six days ago, after Pope Tawadros II released a statement condemning the attacks on religious groups and urging the strengthening of coexistence in Egypt.

The previous week saw many events of discrimination towards non-Muslims, including the viral story of Mariam Waheeb who was reportedly kidnapped, annoucing in a video that she has converted to Islam, the Koshaiy El-Tahrir incident, and Al Masry Al-Yom’s published article in print and online that headlined how “infidels (non-Muslims) should not be served food before iftar.

The incidents brought about social media uproar, and caused a short shutdown of the restaurant as well as a public apology from Al-Masry Al-Youm.

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