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Egypt’s Pope Tawadros II Condemns Attacks on Religious Groups

April 14, 2022

Following multiple incidents targeting Coptic Orthodox Christians in Egypt during Ramadan, Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and the Head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, released a statement urging the strengthening of co-existence. In a statement released on the official Facebook page for the Coptic Church’s spokesperson, Pope Tawadros II condemned attacks on religious groups in Egypt. Meanwhile, during a sermon at Anba Bishoy Monastery in Wadi El-Natrun, the Pope mourned the killing of the Priest of the Church of the Virgin Mary and Mar Boulos, Arsanios Wadid, on 7 April 2022, in a tragic crime where a 60-year-old man stabbed the Priest to death in Alexandria. The Pope further went on to say that the Church is waiting for the results of the investigations into the murder, and expressed his hope for the results of these investigations to be publicly released. The Pope also requested the authorities “responsible for maintaining peace” to carefully investigate the reports of disappearances and kidnappings of Coptic Christians that have been circulating across social media and television programs. This came in response to a viral story about a woman named Mariam Waheeb, a Coptic…

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