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Sindbad: The Children’s Magazine that Influenced Generations

May 14, 2022


From illustrated stories to riddles and one-frame ca​rtoons: Sindbad was a seminal children’s magazine, whose storytelling and illustrations have influenced comic publications across the Arab region.

The magazine, founded by Egyptian writer Mohamed Saeed al-Arian, was the first Arabic children’s book published. The events followed the life of a legendary literary character, Sinbad the Sailor from the collection `Thousand and One Nights.’

Hussein Bicar was the illustrator for the magazine, alongside Mario Morelli. The first issue was published in 1952, and continued to be published every Thursday for six years until its last issue was published in 1960.

Here are some pictures of the magazine that changed the face of illustration and storytelling for generations.


Sindbad Issue 5 | 1952

Sindbad Issue 18 | 1952

Sindbad Issue 5 | 1953

image via MAJALAT

Sindbad Issue 1 | 1954

image via MAJALAT

Sindbad | Issue 27, Volume 3 | 1952

image via wikimedia

Sindbad Issue 3 |1956

image via MAJALAT


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