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Egypt Prosecution Orders Release of Somali Girl Who Killed Attempted Rapist

May 28, 2022

The Egyptian Public Prosecution released a statement on Friday, 27 May, announcing the release of a Somali teenager who allegedly stabbed a tuktuk driver who attempted to rape her. Investigations are ongoing after medical examinations suggested plausibility of the killing having taken place in self defense. The girl, a 15-year-old refugee, turned herself over to the police station after the incident. At the police station she claimed that the man had been driving her through a deserted neighbourhood when he threatened her with a knife and attempted to rape her. The police initially detained her for four days pending investigations, but later released her before the end of the full period. Injuries found on the girl, as well as the autopsy of the alleged rapist, seem to line up with the her description of the events. The man’s body was found outside of the 6 October area of Giza….

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