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From Consultation to Medication Delivery, This Egyptian Healthcare Startup Covers All Your Medical Needs

June 6, 2022
Photo via AARP
Photo via AARP

“As Egyptians, most of us either have no idea about our medical records and our diagnosis, or our data is lost because of countless prescriptions and lab reports,” says Sherif Baroudy, Founder and CEO of Doxx.

Driven by a passion to prioritize Egyptian patients’ needs, in October 2021, Baroudy established Doxx as a “one-stop-shop” for medical care.

A patient-centric mobile application, Doxx offers a wide range of services to its users. These include home nursing, at-home doctors’ visits, in-clinic visits, and telehealth consultation, as well as scheduling lab tests and x-rays, and ordering medication to be delivered to one’s doorstep.

Doxx services
Photo via Instagram

Once a user downloads the application, they are requested to register and fill in their medical profile. This medical profile would then include all their medical records, from prescriptions to lab tests and scans, all on a single platform.

In Egypt, most people do not realize the importance of regular checkups or knowing their medical records or even having them. To add to that, many are accustomed to only taking a doctor’s appointment when they begin to feel pain, or worse, when the pain becomes unbearable. Between endless prescriptions and lab tests, medical records are more than often lost or forgotten.

The process reflects a bigger problem in the industry: a far from comprehensive medical profile of patients, as well as shaky services.

“I wanted to create an app that caters for patients’ health needs, as well as their medical service needs. And this is where Doxx came in,” Baroudy tells Egyptian Streets.

“Most startups target medical services only, or cater from one vertical, either for teleconsultations or for medicines or for booking doctor appointments, very few cater for the whole end-to-end journey of the patient. Plus, we have electronic healthcare records for the patients,” adds Baroudy.

With the help of institutional investors who believe in Doxx’s vision, the Cairo-based startup recently raised USD 1.5 million in seed round, to contribute to uplifting the Egyptian healthcare system.

“At Doxx, patients’ records are easily accessible as well as medical prescriptions and doctor’s appointments in several fields, this is why Doxx is backed by Egyptian doctors who truly believe that with the right tools, Egypt will be able to transform its healthcare system,” says Heba Saher Hashem, Consultant of Neurology and Doxx Investor.


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Since its launch in 2021, Doxx successfully completed over 3,000 transactions, with 2,600 doctors, 52 pharmacies, 27 lab branches, and 10 scan branches on board.

Doxx, which stands for doctors and documents, will soon be introducing daily tips, weight loss programs, and tips on quitting smoking and drinking, among other free health advice.

“We are looking to expand nationwide and regionally, and grow the app to be the preferred health and medical services platform for Egyptian patients, doctors, and service providers,” concludes Baroudy.

The application is currently available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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