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Master Traditional Egyptian Crafts at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization’s Art Workshops

June 23, 2022
Photo via NMEC
Photo via NMEC

Did you know that you can visit the National Museum for Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) and learn a new craft or deepen one that you already enjoy?

In its efforts to promote Egyptian arts and crafts, NMEC hosts a diverse array of workshops, each specializing in a different art form. Most of these workshops shed light on Egypt’s oldest crafts, such as the art of weaving and basketry, Egyptian inscriptions, as well as tempera painting and its application in Coptic art. The workshops also include upcycling and transforming unwanted products to ones that look artistic and are worth keeping.

Photo via NMEC

On 25 and 26 June 2022, NMEC will be organizing a workshop for macramé art from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. Those interested should register here and bring along a wooden or bamboo stick, and cotton or macramé threads between 4 to 5 milliliters in thickness. Attendees should be above 18 years old.

In collaboration with renowned papyrus makers, NMEC will also be hosting a workshop on papyrus-making and art, on 25 June 2022, from 11 am to 3 pm. This workshop is open to visitors of all ages.

Last week, NMEC held a workshop for painting on pottery, for ages 8 to 16, and another one on amphora pottery, for ages 9 to 12.

Photo via Facebook

As these workshops are open to the public, and hosted for free, visitors will only pay for the museum entrance fee.

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is located on Al Fustat Road. It is open from 9 AM until 5 PM and entry tickets cost EGP 60 for Egyptians and Arabs (EGP 30 for students), and EGP 200 (around USD 13) for foreigners (EGP 100 (around USD 6.5) for foreigners who are students).

Know more about NMEC from our exclusive interview with Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, Head of the Authority of NMEC.

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