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Need Therapy? Here Are 8 Places in Egypt You Can Find It

July 27, 2022
Image by Rinaldo Imperiale from Pixabay

Stigma around mental illness and mental healthcare in Egypt has led many to forget or ignore a painful truth: the repercussions of untreated difficulties in mental health can have consequences as dire as untreated difficulties in physical health.

Between struggles based in familial conflict, coping with trauma, financial troubles, professional burnout and alienation, relationship problems, difficulty in being accepted in an environment, and more, an overwhelming number of people are likely to find themselves in need of mental health support.

While affordable mental healthcare is not always easy to come by, and many still attach outdated, alienating, and potentially dangerous notions to seeking such help, there is a growing current of understanding that everything from talk therapy to prescription medication can provide a lifeline to many who need it.

Egyptian Streets has compiled a list of clinics and centres that provide mental health services in Egypt. Covering everything from depression and anxiety to trauma and addiction, as well as therapy for individuals, couples, and groups, this list presents options for diverse needs, offering services at a range of price points, and located in various parts of Cairo – or even online.

Heal Counselling Center

According to its website, Heal provides individual therapy, couples counselling, group therapy, workshops, adult psychometric assessments, life coaching, and more. The website also provides potential patients with information on the various mental health professionals working with Heal.

Location: 8 Abdel Azim Awad Allah, Heliopolis, Cairo
Prices: EGP 500 to 600 for individual sessions, EGP 850 for couples therapy sessions, and EGP 2800 for a series of 8 group therapy sessions.
How to book: By phone on +201211284224 or +201276020193
Online sessions: Available

Serenity Psychology Center

Offering a variety of services from psychotherapy to psychiatric assessment, Serenity is a widely recommended mental healthcare center. Among their services are psychotherapy, group therapy, psychiatric aid, relationship coaching, workshops, and more. Details about the team are available in the Highlights section of Serenity’s Instagram account.

Location: Maadi: Street 204
Prices: EGP 300 to EGP 800 depending on therapist’s experience. The lower bracket is for therapists in their final year of training.
How to book: By phone or WhatsApp on
Online sessions: Available

Good Hope Psychiatry Clinic

While Good Hope offers psychotherapy sessions, it is primarily specialised in psychiatric assessment for adults, adolescents, and children, as well as psychosis rehabilitation. With a dedicated, professional, and experienced team, as well as a variety of articles and information on their website, they provide useful services as well as resources for those who need them.

Locations: Mohandessin: 38 Sourya Street; Heliopolis: 1 Gad Elhaq St. off of Sayed Zakareya, Masaken Sheraton
Price: 400 – 450 for psychiatric assessments as well as psychotherapy sessions
How to book: By phone
Mohandessin branch: (+2) 01272535452; (+202) 33359466
Heliopolis branch: (+2) 01274422348 (+202) 22689406
Online sessions: Available

Maadi Psychology Center

Despite being in a higher price bracket than most of the other centers, Maadi Psychology Center’s three locations across Cairo, as well as its professional services in psychotherapy and psychiatry make another highly recommended option for those in need of mental health support.

Locations: Maadi: 16 Orabi Street (Off Port Said Street); New Cairo: Street 157, Building 96, Apartment 1; Sheikh Zayed: Karma 3 Compound Gate
Prices: EGP 1200 to EGP 5000 for psychotherapy and EGP 1500 for for psychiatric evaluations 1500
How to book: By phone
Maadi branch: (02)-2359-2278; 01284436347
New Cairo branch:
Sheikh Zayed branch:
Online sessions: Available

Gestalt Clinic

Gestalt clinic is on a mission to equip their clients with what they need to cope with the various challenges they face, and they provide this service with the help of a number of mental health professionals dedicated to the holistic well-being of their patients. Their website additionally offers a number of quizzes to help potential patients assess their situation as well as their need for therapy

Locations: New Cairo: 13 Konsowa El Ghoury, 1st Settlement
Prices: Initial assessment: EGP 1600 in person; EGP 1200 online
Follow-up sessions: EGP 400 in person; EGP 300 online
How to book: On Gestalt’s website
Online sessions: Available

Nine Psychology Maadi

At Nine Psychology, patients start off with a comprehensive assessment session that provides them with a diagnosis, an understanding of the difficulties and challenges at hand, psychometric and physical investigations if needed, as well as a full management plan that may include psychotherapy, drug therapy, and self-help tools. Professionals at Nine are trained to address challenges such as trauma, grief, personality disorders, sexual dysfunctions, eating disorders, learning disabilities, and more, and are experienced in approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy, interpersonal therapy, mindful meditation, and more.

Locations: Maadi: 86 Road 9, Floor 2
Prices: EGP 1500 for initial clinical assessment; EGP 700 to EGP 1500 for sessions
How to book: Via their Setmore platform or by phone on +20120885123
Online sessions: Unavailable, but affiliated with O7 Therapy, which is fully online

O7 Therapy

Ideal for the busy or the less mobile, O7 Therapy is an application on iOS and Google Play that allows each patient to find the counsellor, therapist, or psychiatrist that is best-suited for their experience. Each therapist that provides counselling via the O7 Platform has their own profile with their years of experience, their price per session, a bio that explains their area of expertise, as well as a video in which they present themselves, providing potential patients with the opportunity to know more of their personality and approach before booking a session. The sessions are hosted by Zoom on the O7 Therapy application itself.

Location: Fully online
Prices: From EGP 500 per session to EGP 2000 per session
How to book: On the application
Online sessions: Available

Shezlong Egypt

Shezlong is one of the longer standing mental health service providers in Egypt – as well as one of the most affordable – and has recently collaborated with the Egyptian government to provide support for young Egyptians living abroad. With a website that presents profiles of all the professionals that offer their services, Shezlong offers its patients long-term therapy, psychiatry, as well as short-term counseling.

Locations: Sheikh Zayed: 17, District 10, Neighborhood 2 Floor 1
Prices: EGP 200 to EGP 1500
How to book: Via their website
Online sessions: Available

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