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How Hobos Magazine Hopes to Usher Egypt’s New Generation of Children Comics

August 8, 2022

Spreading a fascination with culture, instilling a passion for adventure, and embracing diversity: these are the reasons Hanya Seleem mentions when asked about the inspiration behind Hobos Magazine, a children’s fantasy-adventure comic book. Seleem, 25, is a designer and illustrator. Alongside writer Esraa Hesham, the two embark on an ambitious trek to breathe life into their dynamic, diverse set of characters. Available in Arabic and English, Hobos targets a young audience of six years old and above. Travel, Acceptance and Teamwork Hobos is described by its creators as “a magazine for young travelers,” and it follows five children, Benjie, Daria, Jameela, Luca, and Maria as they journey across the Earth in an attempt to save the mysterious parallel universe of the Wooland, and reunite its three regions of fire, forest, and ice. In each edition, the five main characters, who were magically transported to the Wooland, find themselves back in a new country in the real world, with a daunting task to complete. Throughout, they discover fascinating people and places, some of which Seleem herself was first exposed to while traveling with AIESEC, a non-profit youth organization offering global exchange…

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