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Review: Legleisah Bedouin Cuisine Brings a Mouthful of Generosity in Every Bite

August 9, 2022

If all of the months in the calendar were like a whole family, August would be the odd one out. Dressed in the simplest outfit, it would be the one with a completely ordinary and uneventful life, always standing in the corner looking unbothered to engage with the other siblings. There is nothing interesting about August; by the time it’s halfway over, it’s already gone. Books we planned to finish, long evening walks under streetlights—all of it comes to an uninspired end as we are forced to prepare for another academic year or rigorous work season. Food is the finest cure in months like these, where life is dull and feels like a deep sigh. Trying out new flavors and visiting new restaurants is something I often forget to do when life is busier, which is why I’ve decided to not miss out on that opportunity this month. There is also so much more to Egypt’s food culture than just koshari or foul w’ taameya (fava beans and falafel), and with so many communities from different backgrounds living here, there is bound to be a restaurant representing the food culture…

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