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15 Unskippable Intros From Egyptian TV Shows

October 4, 2022



In an era that has grown fond of the small box labeled ‘Skip Intro,’ there is little appreciation of the artistic elements and effort put into TV shows’ intros. Streaming services have succumbed to the fast-paced lifestyles, and the small box on the corner of screens stands as a tempting proposition to save a few minutes of the day.

Netflix first began offering this feature for TV episodes in 2017, and reported in 2022 that on a typical day, the Skip Intro button is pressed 136 millions times, “saving members an astonishing 195 years in cumulative time.”

Though the option is a beloved feature to many and has been adopted by many streaming services throughout the years, there are some iconic title sequences that are considered as art form themselves.

For many Egyptians, TV intros seep into human emotions, and create relationships of love and admiration between the watcher and the show. Some TV intros, such as Khali Balak Men Zizi’s intro by Egyptian band Sharmoofers become beloved songs listened to regularly by Egyptians. From the internationally acclaimed Egyptian composer Hisham Nazih, to the iconic Omar Khairat and singer Aly El Haggar – Egyptian TV openings, no matter how long they can get, are often too good to be skipped.

Egyptian Streets asked its audience about their favorite unskippable TV intros from Egyptian television history, and here are some of their picks.

El Khawaga Abdel Kader – Omar Khairat

Zizinia – Mohamed El Helw

Heya w Howa – Ammar El Sherei

Hadith Al Sabah wa Al Masa2 – Ammar El Sherei

Sabe’ Gar – Mohamed El Mogy

Mosalsal Om Kulthum

Al Haqiqa wa Al Sarab

Ala Mar Al Zaman – Kamal Gouda

Grand Hotel – Amin Abo Hafa

Ahl Cairo – Hussein al Jasmi

Al Saba’ Wasaya – Hisham Nazih

Khali Balak men Zizi – Sharmoofers

Sharbat Loz – Hisham Nazih

Hadret Al Motaham Aby – Medhat Saleh

Rivo – Amir Eid

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