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Over 60 Egyptian Photographers Showcase the Last Decade in ‘Egypt: 10 Years Later’

Over 60 Egyptian Photographers Showcase the Last Decade in ‘Egypt: 10 Years Later’

‘Egypt: 10 Years Later’ Photography Exhibition by Egyptian Streets x Photopia | Photo by Fat’hia El Sisi

Have you visited ‘Egypt: 10 Years Later’ yet? Cairo’s latest photography exhibition, organized by Egyptian Streets and Photopia, has been a hit amongst observers and photographers alike as they live vicariously through Egypt’s last decade in photos.

With over 80 photos by more than 60 talented photographers hailing from around Egypt, the exhibit proves to be a representative emblem of, dare we say it, Egyptian streets and beyond.

Ten years certainly isn’t a random choice of number, either. It happens to mark 10 years of both Egyptian Streets and Photopia, proving it to be a predestined partnership. It also marks Egyptian Streets’ very first offline event — and a great start at that.

‘Egypt: 10 Years Later’ Photography Exhibition by Egyptian Streets x Photopia | Photo by Fat’hia El Sisi

Egyptian Streets has always been a proud proponent of Egyptian creatives and photographers. From photographs of Egyptian fishermen to ones of matriarchal facial tattoos — compiled in the “In Photos” category of the Egyptian Streets website — we believe that diverse snapshots are worth more than a thousand words when capturing Egypt.

Thus, it is no surprise that Egyptian Streets’ collaboration with Photopia — a popular Cairo photography school and gallery — would boast an impressive turnout gathering hundreds of Egyptian creatives under one roof.

“It’s been great to bring so many talented photographers from across Egypt together to document the past 10 years in Egypt,” says Mohamed Khairat, founder of Egyptian Streets. “The exhibition shows the importance of celebrating art and creativity and the desire for more spaces for creative expression in Egypt.”

Now, you can see it for yourself! ‘Egypt: 10 Years Later’ is open to the public every day, excluding Sundays, from 12 PM to 9 PM until November 19 at Photopia’s gallery in Heliopolis. Click here for the full event details.

The ‘Egypt: 10 Years Later’ exhibition is taking place at Photopia, 22 Cleopatra St, Al Montazah, Heliopolis in Cairo, Egypt. 

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