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Roushdy Building: The Paranormal Property That Disturbed Egyptians for Decades

October 31, 2022
Image Credit: Egyptian Streets

Egypt has long been the setting for horror stories, from ancient Egyptian ghost folklore to a haunted hospital in Helwan. Still, one building stands out: the Roushdy Building, Alexandria’s first house of horror. The 61-year-old, 11-storey apartment building was not named Roushdy Building – that name was given to it based on the district it was built in. It officially goes by ‘Building 412’. To Alexandrians, it is controversially known as the ‘ghost house’. Other, less horror-inclined residents viewed it as an unfinished, decrepit building, demanding its demolition after losing hope in it ever being finished. These demands came to an end when the building was completed in 2021, following multiple rounds of renovations over the past decades. Still, the Roushdy Building’s legacy leaves behind multiple question marks, from its half-a-century unfinished state to its vague-yet-bone-chilling history. “[The building] is a mystery to us Alexandrians, I would never step inside it” explained actress and born-and-raised Alexandrian actress Yasmine Sabri during a television interview – a telltale sign of the cultural significance it leaves behind on society to this day. A TALE OF TERROR OR TRICKERY? The apartment complex first began…

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