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Is ‘The Blind Date Show’ Opening Conversations on Egypt’s Dating Culture?

November 6, 2022

Two strangers. One blind date. Will there be a second one? Premiered in February 2022, ‘The Blind Date show’ introduced Egypt’s audience to a different yet exciting type of entertainment, sparking conversations amongst various circles. Screened on YouTube on Tuesdays, the 15 to 25-minute videos revolve around two strangers, separated by a thin wall, who test their compatibility with one another. The two strangers are presented with three set topics: money, lifestyle and social life. During each round, many questions arise, including “who pays on a first date?” and “what are your relationship red flags?” Based on their answers, they give each other scores, and before revealing their identities, they decide whether they will go out on a second date or not. The show itself is the brainchild of local media company Binge Circle. Asking the right questions? Dating is not a widespread practice in Egypt, although for some Egyptians, particularly in certain social circles, dating has taken a more Western approach. Recently, Egyptians have been exploring the wide possibility of finding their ‘match’ through their online dating applications, such as Bumble. However, Egypt still remains a country where arranged…

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