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Wrapping Up 2022: Top Egyptian Shahid Productions

Wrapping Up 2022: Top Egyptian Shahid Productions

Mawdo’ ‘Aely season 2

Aside from the annual Ramadan race for Egyptian series, Saudi streaming service Shahid has been entertaining the entire Arab region with Egyptian series all year long. From drama and comedy to suspense and thrillers, 2022 witnessed a diversity in Egyptian series produced by Shahid. To wrap up this eventful year, here are our favorite and highly recommended Egyptian Shahid productions in 2022.


With a mix of action and comedy, Ahmed Malek plays the role of a drug dealer who is forced into the job to pay his debts. As events unravel, he finds himself investigating a woman’s murder and another woman’s disappearance.

Although the first episode aired on 21 December 2021, it signaled a promising start to 2022, especially as it was popular Egyptian rapper Wegz’s first acting appearance.

Wish w Dahr (Front and Back)

This ten-episode series revolved around Eyad Nassar and Riham Abdelghafour in roles unlike any that they’ve ever played. A combination of drama, romance, and a touch of comedy, the story revolves around two main characters, each hiding secrets of their own. When Nassar steals money from his company and starts a fake medical career, he hires a nurse who also turns out to be keeping secrets, and both their lives change.

Eyad Nassar and Riham Abdelghafour in Wish w Dahr

El Beit Beity (The House is Mine)

Horror is not a common genre in Egyptian series. But this show is different. From the very first episode, the comic duo Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz and Moustafa Khater combined laughter with horror and caught the audience’s attention. In the series, Khater travels to Cairo to settle his inheritance — little does he know that this journey will reveal many spooky adventures.

A new season of El Beit Beity is coming soon.

Mawdo’ ‘Aaely (A Family Matter)

As the name suggests, this ten-episode family dramedy was a favorite to many Egyptians because of the warm and cozy family stories and laughter that it involved. The series revolves around Maged El Kedwani, who becomes the legal guardian of his estranged daughter for a life-changing six-month experience.

As it was widely-anticipated, the second season of Mawdo’ ‘Aaely started last week. The weekly Thursday episodes take place two years after El Kedwani bonds with his daughter, and the hiccups he has to deal with.

Room 207

As soon as Shahid released trailers for Room 207, it attracted millions of fans even before the series itself had aired, especially as it is based on a novel by the late Egyptian author Ahmed Khaled Tawfik. Topping most-watched lists on Shahid, Room 207 is a combination of horror, thriller, and suspense. In the series, Mohamed Farrag, a new hotel receptionist, attempts to solve the mystery behind a particular room with soul-changing experiences.

Since the last episode of the first season was open-ended, there have been rumors that there will be a second season.

Mohamed Farrag in Room 207

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