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5 Recent Documentaries to Watch by Egyptian Filmmakers

April 11, 2023

In a world that rapidly moves on against the backdrop of wars, injustices, and forced forgetting, brave documentary filmmakers bring to light a more nuanced and deeply engaged view of a fragmented world.

Documentaries discuss an array of contemporary issues and tell powerful stories—highlighting dynamic issues often overlooked and overshadowed. They transcend boundaries and embrace the complexities of humanity and the world.

Over the past years, Egyptian filmmakers have been determined to carry issues and powerful stories into the world. Here is a collection of five recently released documentaries that are changing narratives and shedding light on complex issues.

Lift Like a Girl (2020)


In ‘Lift Like a Girl,’ filmmaker Mayye Zayed tells the story of a teen weightlifter as she emerges from a training camp in Egypt to compete at the championship level.’ The documentary premiered in the Toronto Film Festival and the Cairo International Film Festival in 2019, and is also available on Netflix to watch worldwide.

From Cairo (2021)


The documentary ‘From Cairo’ is centered around the struggle of living as a single woman in Cairo, where the characters Heba and Aya find themselves trying to face their fears and follow their dreams. The documentary is directed by Hala Galal, Egyptian filmmaker, writer, director, and producer.

Back Home (2021)

‘Back Home’ is directed by Sara Shazli, who takes personal stories to the screen. After plans that turn her life upside down, Sara captures her time spent at her home during the COVID-19 pandemic after living abroad for 10 years.

From Meir, to Meir (2021)


Director Magy Morgan discovers the beauty and complexity of Meir, the village where her great-grandparents were born. In her documentary ‘From Meir, to Meir’ she uncovers the life of Meir’s inhabitants over the past 12 years.

Far From the Nile (2022)


Directed by Sherif El Katsha, ‘Far From the Nile’ is a feature documentary that follows twelve musicians from seven different countries from along the Nile River in their musical journeys. The singers embark on a four-month tour in the United States to showcase their work. Despite their cultural differences and musical styles, the artists remain united in their cause to showcase their performances. The documentary had its world premiere at the Cairo International Film Festival in November 2022.

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