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7 Leading Solar Energy Companies Revolutionizing Egypt’s Renewable Energy Landscape

September 6, 2023
Solar cell panels. Photo credit: Kenueone.

Electric power generation is the second-largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. A staggering 79 percent of the world’s electricity production relies on burning fossil fuels, primarily coal and natural gas.
However, a noteworthy shift is on the horizon, with global investments in solar power expected to surpass those in oil for the first time in history this year.

Egypt is blessed with an abundant solar resource, basking in an average of 9-11 hours of daily sunshine coupled with low humidity levels. The country is graced with an impressive global horizontal irradiation level, which is defined as the total solar radiation incident on a horizontal surface, averaging approximately 2230-2330 kilowatt-hours per square meter annually.

This vast solar energy potential offers Egypt a significant opportunity to tackle its mounting energy needs, diversify its energy sources, and ameliorate its power sector’s environmental and climate impact.

Egypt’s commitment to renewable energy is resolute, Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Dr. Mohamed Shaker told Youm7. The nation aims to substantially reduce its reliance on traditional energy sources, with the ambitious goal of reaching a 60 percent dependence on renewable energy by 2040.

This shift towards renewable energy sources aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and positions Egypt as a regional leader in adopting eco-conscious energy solutions.

Since 2014, Egypt has enacted various renewable energy legislations, laying the foundation for pioneering companies to thrive in the market. The companies that emerged and later became staples in the solar energy ecosystem play a crucial role in advancing solar energy solutions. Here are seven leading Egyptian solar energy companies contributing to the nation’s energy security and environmental well-being.

Solarize Egypt

Photo credit: mypubliclands.

A pioneer in applying on-grid solar power purchase agreements (SPPAs), Solarize Egypt is an independent power-producing company that handles the financing, design, installation, and commissioning of photovoltaic solar power plants.

Through their SPPAs, the company provides, installs, and maintains a solar system on a customer’s property, and the customer buys the generated electricity at an agreed-upon rate.

Their vision took shape in 2013 with a mission to cover Egypt’s deserts with solar panels, offering cost-effective and environmentally-friendly energy solutions to commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors.


Photo credit: KarmaSolar.

KarmSolar, founded in 2011, is a leading renewable energy solutions provider in Egypt. The company’s mission is to deliver sustainable energy solutions to Egyptian businesses and communities. They began their journey in 2012 by introducing solar-powered water pumping to Bahariya Oasis in Egypt’s Western Desert, and soon secured their first contract with Fridal, constructing 33 solar wells in the oasis.

In 2015, KarmSolar became the first Egyptian company to obtain an Independent Power Producer (IPP) license, allowing them to sell electricity from off-grid solar stations. Their commitment to renewable energy was further solidified by joining the Egyptian Government’s feed-in-tariff scheme in 2016. The company’s success continued with the signing of a significant private Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in 2017 for a 16.8 MW solar station. By 2018, KarmSolar ventured into power distribution, managing energy infrastructure for Arkan Plaza and Arkan Town.

In 2021, KarmSolar expanded its services with its subsidiary company KarmWater, specializing in solar-powered water desalination and storage. In 2022, they achieved another milestone by becoming the first private company in Egypt to receive permission for electricity distribution in Marsa Alam.

Mecha Solar Egypt

Photo credit: Mecha Solar Egypt.

Mecha Solar Egypt, founded by Abdelrahman Mahran in 2016, specializes in renewable energy project development with a primary focus on solar energy solutions. The company’s core activities involve identifying, developing, and financing viable renewable energy projects.

In recognition of its contributions to the energy sector, Mecha Solar Egypt earned a place among Rea Energy’s top 100 energy startups in 2020.

AgriSolar Solutions

Photo credit: AgriSolar Solutions.

Established in 2015, AgriSolar Solutions initially focused on solar pumping systems and has since been dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance the utilization of solar energy. This includes on-grid systems, in which the solar system is tied to the local grid; off-grid, where the system is self-sustaining and is not connected to the local grid; and hybrid solutions.

Through continuous research and development efforts, Agrisolar’s vision is to play a pivotal role in addressing energy challenges, particularly within the agricultural sector in Egypt and the Middle East.

Dizaria Energy

Photo credit: Al-Ahram.

Dizaria Energy’s platform simplifies the utilization of solar energy for electric vehicle owners. Their charging network relies on solar power, reducing carbon emissions. Through their online platform and mobile app, customers can easily locate the nearest charging station and complete payments conveniently.

Additionally, the company provides an energy management system for the facility where their chargers are installed, allowing for efficient monitoring and control of charging station performance.

Cairo Solar

Photo credit: Cairo Solar.

Following the passing of the 2014 Renewable Energy Law, Cairo Solar emerged as one of Egypt’s leading clean energy companies.

The company was the first to assist clients in connecting to the Egyptian power grid, reducing costs. Their primary objective is to provide their clientele, which spans corporate entities, government entities, and homeowners with funding for costly solar systems without affecting their cash flow. The savings from diminished electricity costs are equivalent to their monthly bank payments.

Cairo Solar specializes in the EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) approach, in which the company manages system design, equipment procurement, and site construction. In this model, customers own the solar stations and experience a complete elimination of their electricity costs. This is in contrast to the system of independent power producers (IPP), in which the company owns the station and offers it to the client at a price 20 percent below government rates.


Photo credit: Dennis Schroeder.

Onasolar is a prominent solar energy company in Egypt that collaborates with corporate enterprises to deliver solar energy projects. The company serves multinational companies, farms, manufacturers, and distributors, with headquarters in Cairo and facilities throughout Egypt.

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