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Ride Like an Egyptian: 4 Cycling Groups to Join in Cairo

September 27, 2023

For many, cycling is a delightful pastime, and for other riders, it is a passion and a sport. Whether it is riding through Egypt’s most scenic routes or through the bustling streets of the city, cycling is a break from the daily grind that offers opportunities of change and adventures.

Cycling has become increasingly popular in Egypt, with many amateur cyclists riding during the weekend. It is often used as a motivational means to raise awareness on important issues such as women empowerment, raising funds for cancer patients, or combatting road accidents.

In recent years, Egypt has introduced specific bike lines in areas around Cairo, most notably in Maadi, downtown, and Zamalek, after many bicycle enthusiasts campaigned for bike lanes to ensure safe travel and promote the two-wheeled method of transport.

For those eager to discover the joy of cycling for the first time or seasoned enthusiasts craving the thrill of the ride, here are some groups based in Egypt that provide exciting cycling opportunities.

Bike Zone Egypt

Bike Zone is a local non-profit organization that caters to cycling enthusiasts and brings together their shared interests in cycling. Bike Zone organizes riding events, typically through an event on Facebook, where they detail the specifics of the ride or race. For the group rides, Bike Zone also offers the option of renting bikes and helmets for those who do not own any.


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Go Bike Egypt
Across Cairo and Alexandria, Go Bike is an amateur sports team dedicated to those who have a passion for cycling. The organization’s mission is to cultivate a safe and exciting cycling culture all over Egypt.


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Pdal is also an initiative that is centered around enhancing and expanding the culture of cycling in Egypt. Pdal organizes events across Cairo, and also offers bike-rental services.


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Cairo Cyclists Club
Devoted to enhancing cycling experiences in Cairo and beyond, the Cairo Cyclists Club organizes enjoyable riding experiences, typically on Friday mornings. In addition to the weekly rides, the club also organizes longer single day rides outside Cairo and multiple-day events in Sinai.

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