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5 Seconds: The App Helping Egypt’s Children Take the Right Decisions

December 7, 2023
Photo credit: Daily News Egypt

The Egyptian Ministry of Education has been making changes to its curriculum, teaching methods, and even staff in the past few years. Recently, the ministry took part in Cairo ICT 2023, the international technology exhibition and conference for the Middle East and Africa.

During its participation in the conference, which was held from 19 to 22 November, the ministry launched a new edutainment mobile application, ‘5 Seconds’, featuring an interactive video series that depicts the daily struggles of Egyptian school children.

Interactive and innovative, the app features short videos that show incidents that children face in Egyptian schools, and allows them to choose how to react to these incidents. It then shows them what the result of their actions was, and also gives them a chance to see what could have happened if they had made a different decision.

The app allows Egyptian children to learn how to make the right decisions by making them interactively put themselves in place of the characters in the videos.

Directed by Egyptian filmmaker Sandra Nashaat, the series features short videos addressing moral and social issues, such as confronting bullies, peer pressure, lack of confidence, and body image.

In one of the incidents, a child is faced with a bully, and through the app, the user is given the choice whether to respond to the bully or ignore him.


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The app currently includes eight videos covering eight different stories and characters, with two additional stories set to be uploaded soon.

In 2022, ​​the number of children – those under the age of 18 – in Egypt was 41.5 million, according to Egypt’s Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS).

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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