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Harmony Beyond Borders: Arab Female Voices in Global Hits

December 14, 2023

In the dynamic realm of global music, Arab female artists are making waves, collaborating with international icons to create unforgettable tunes that transcend borders. 

Explore the captivating collaborations that bring the soulful voices of Palestine’s Norah Shaqur and Nai Barghout, along with Egypt’s Dina El Wedidi, into the spotlight of worldwide music hits.

Coldplay’s ‘Church’ featuring Norah Shaqur (Palestine):

In Coldplay’s mesmerizing track ‘Church,’ featured in their eighth studio album ‘Everyday Life’, the enchanting vocals of Palestine’s Norah Shaqur surpasses boundaries, weaving seamlessly through the melodic fabric crafted by the British rock giants. 

Premiered via a live sunrise performance in Amman, Jordan, on 22 November, 2019, the song showcased a technically ambitious, one-take performance. Shaqur, a Palestinian artist from Jerusalem, took center stage, her performance resonating so profoundly that YouTube comments hailed her as “The Voice of an Angel.” 

The collaboration stemmed from an encounter when Chris Martin and Coldplay explored Jerusalem, leading to a magical connection that saw Shaqur’s vocals becoming an integral part of ‘Church’, a testament to the spiritual magic of Jerusalem and the universality of music. Shaqur then performed her own song, ‘Bani Adem‘, alongside Coldplay during their Jordan tour. 

Skrillex’s ‘Xena’ featuring Nai Barghouti (Palestine):

Skrillex, the electronic beats maestro, collaborated with Palestinian sensation Nai Barghouti in the dynamic track ‘Xena’. 

This musical fusion blends Barghouti’s powerful vocals with Skrillex’s signature beats, creating an electrifying experience that not only captivates the ears but also showcases the diverse musical talent across the globe. 

The collaboration serves as a testament to Skrillex’s commitment to continuous innovation, highlighted by the release of ‘XENA’, a track that seamlessly integrates deep Middle Eastern influence into its percussive jungle-bass framework. 

El Bùho’s ‘Complete’ featuring Dina El Wedidi (Egypt):

‘Complete’ by El Bùho takes listeners on a captivating sonic journey, blending the enchanting vocals of Egypt’s Dina El Wedidi with electronic arrangements. 

El Wedidi, a singer, composer, and producer, brings her rich Egyptian folk and Arab poetry influences to the collaboration. Notably, she has represented Egypt in international projects, collaborated with Gilberto Gil, and earned recognition as one of Time magazine’s Next Generation Leaders in 2019.

On the other hand, El Bùho, also known as Robin Perkins, hails from northern England but found his musical inspiration in the landscapes of Latin America. Merging Dub and Electronica with Latin American folk, his music creates a dreamy, melodic experience. 

Together, ‘Complete’ reflects the fusion of El Wedidi’s cultural roots and El Bùho’s electronic expertise, resulting in a harmonious convergence of traditional and contemporary sounds. This cross-cultural collaboration showcases the magic that happens when diverse musical influences come together, resonating across borders and creating a unique auditory experience.

DJ Krush’s ‘My Light’ featuring Yasmine Hamdan (Lebanon):

In a groundbreaking collaboration, DJ Krush’s authentic beats converge with Yasmine Hamdan’s distinctive voice to create a mesmerizing work of art in their song ‘My Light’. Yasmine, renowned for her modern take on Arabic pop, gained widespread acclaim since her debut album “Ya Nass” in 2013. 

Meanwhile, DJ Krush, a luminary in the hip-hop scene since the 1980s, has continuously evolved his sound. With over 30 years of DJ performances globally, including major festivals like Glastonbury and Coachella, Krush remains an influential figure, transcending borders and genres. 

Together, these artists exemplify the power of cross-cultural collaboration, fusing Eastern and Western musical elements into a harmonious blend.

In an era where music knows no boundaries, these collaborations exemplify the unity that transcends geographical borders. Arab female voices are not just featured; they shine brightly in these global hits, bringing the richness of their heritage to audiences around the world. As listeners hit play on these tunes, they partake in a celebration of the magic that happens when diverse musical influences come together, creating a symphony that resonates across continents. 

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