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UN Shelter in Khan Younis Hit by Israeli Tank: Humanitarian Crisis Deepens in Gaza

January 25, 2024
Photo Source: CNN

The United Nations (UN) shelter in Khan Younis, housing displaced Palestinians, was hit by Israeli tank fire on Wednesday 24 January.  

The UN reports “mass casualties,” with at least nine people killed and 75 injured. 

Israel denies responsibility for the attack, and suggests that Hamas may have initiated the shelling. However, the UN has condemned the incident, asserting that the compound was clearly marked as a UN facility, and its coordinates were shared with Israeli authorities. 

Due to the bombardement around the city, Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis remains inaccessible, leaving 850 patients and numerous displaced individuals stranded without medical care.

CNN reports that Nasser Hospital, along with another hospital in southern Gaza, is one of the few facilities capable of treating critically ill patients in Gaza. .

This area is home to 88,000 Palestinians and hosts an additional 425,000 displaced Palestinians who have sought refuge there. 

The situation has forced thousands of people to flee south toward Rafah, where approximately 1.5 million Palestinians currently reside in overcrowded shelters and tent camps near the border with Egypt. 

The United Nations refugee agency estimates that 1.7 million people have been displaced within Gaza, primarily from the northern areas devastated by Israel’s air and ground offensive.

The toll on human life has been catastrophic, with at least 210 Palestinians killed in the past 24 hours, bringing the total death toll from the war to 25,700, according to WAFA News Agency. Another 386 Palestinians have been wounded, further straining the already overwhelmed hospitals. 

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