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Israeli Forces Raid Hospital Disguised as Civilians and Medics to Kill Three Palestinians

January 30, 2024
Photo credit: AFP.

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF), on Tuesday, 29 January, stormed the Ibn Sina Hospital in West Bank’s Jenin disguised as women and medical workers, killing three Palestinian people. 

According to The Guardian, an Israeli special forces team entered the hospital and opened fire on three Palestinians who were identified by Israel as militants. 

Footage circulated on social media depicted about a dozen undercover operatives, most of them armed, entering the hospital dressed as women with headscarves or as medical staff in scrubs and white doctor’s coats. 

The Palestinian Health Ministry condemned the actions and raised concerns about the utilization of hospitals during the ongoing conflict, calling on the global community to urge Israel’s military to halt operations in hospitals.

The images intensified the criticism already directed at Israel for prior attacks on hospitals in Gaza, with claims by Israel that militants exploit these establishments as cover for their operations.

The spokesperson for the hospital, Tawfiq al-Shobaki, said, “What happened is a precedent. There was never an assassination inside a hospital. There were arrests and assaults, but not an assassination.” He stated that there was no gunfire exchange, and the three individuals were deliberately killed by Israeli forces in a targeted operation. 

Hospital bed covered in blood after the shooting. Photo credit: AFP/Zain Jafaar.

The Israeli military defended the latest operation, claiming that the three Palestinians were militants who were using the hospital as a refuge. They alleged that one of the targeted individuals had transferred weapons and ammunition for a planned attack, citing inspiration from a previous Hamas assault on southern Israel. Footage shared by the AP shows undercover operatives shooting someone in bed.

The Israeli military identified the three people killed as Mohammed Jalamneh, who the Israeli military stated was holding a pistol, and two brothers, Basel and Mohammed Ghazawi. 

Israel claims that Jalamneh was planning an imminent attack, while the Ghazawi brothers were hiding in the hospital and involved in previous attacks. 

The killings took place in Jenin, a city with a history of armed resistance against Israel, where the impact of the internationally-supported Palestinian Authority is somewhat restricted. The West Bank was occupied by Israel during the 1967 Mideast War, and Jenin has often been the target of Israeli operations.

Social media users expressed distress at the footage, with Palestinian politician Mustafa Barghouthi criticizing the operation.

Despite positive discussions on a cease-fire on Sunday, 29 January, there are still significant differences to overcome for a potential agreement. Qatar, Egypt, and the United States are collaborating to mediate and present a proposal to halt the fighting and secure the release of hostages in Gaza.

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