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How to Watch This Year’s Top Ramadan Arabic Dramas in the US

March 14, 2024
Embratoryet Meem (left) and Al-Hashashin (right)

The holy month of Ramadan brings a myriad of blessings, including the iftar gatherings and the late-night suhoors, where people gather around discussing the overflow of mosalsalat (TV series) that range from refreshingly light-hearted to melodramatic shows.

From dramas and comedies to cultural and informative programs, the Arab world has taken the entertainment industry by storm — showcasing the depths and talent of Arabs to the world. However, contemporary Arab audiences in the United States often struggle to have access to high-quality regionally produced Arab shows live and on-demand.

Sling TV has the perfect solution to this problem. As the leading provider of Arab live streaming and on-demand channels in the United States, Sling TV offers the hottest lineup of Arab shows and programs every year, including in 2024.

Sling TV offers Arabic consumers many flexible package options and special offers, including Al Maalem, Al Ostoura, and Ala Keifak packages. Sling is also introducing a separate three-day free trial across all Arabic packages for those who do not want to commit to a year.

Here are five of the most anticipated Arab shows and programs in Ramadan 2024, all of which will also be available to US-based audiences.

Al Hashasheen

Set in the 11th century, Al Hashasheen is a period drama that follows Al Hashasheen — a group of Ismaili Shia Muslims who lived in the mountains of Persia and Syria. Directed by Peter Mimi, the show features a stellar cast led by Karim Abdel Aziz as Hassan El Sabagh — the said leader of the group — as well as other reputable Egyptian actors, including Fathi Abdel Wahab, Nicolas Moawad, and Omar El Shenawy.

If you’re in the US, watch this year’s top show Al Hashasheen on Sling TV today!


In a dramatic tale, ex-boxing champion Taj clings to his principles and values — despite being accused of collaborating with a colonizer during French-colonial Syria. The series is directed by Samer Al Barkawi and stars Taim Hassan, Bassam Kousa, and Dogana Essa.

If you’re in the US, watch  Taj to discover this unique tale on Sling TV!

2024 [Season 2]

After the success of its first season, ‘2024’ comes back four years after the murder as new developments emerge. The series features Lebanese stars Nadine Nassib Njeim, Mohamad Al Ahmad, Rafic Ali Ahmad, Carmen Lebbos, Gabriel Yammine, and Tony Issa

If you’re in the US, you can catch the latest season of 2024 on Sling TV!

Wlad Badee’a

In the land of Syria, five siblings living in a poor Damascus neighborhood dream of a better life. Yet, they owe their aspiring personalities and perseverance to their leader and hero — their mother Badia, who raises and supports them to their best potential.

If you’re in the US, watch it on Sling!

Embratoryet Meem

From Ihsan Abdel Quddus’ short stories in 1969 to Faten Hamama’s 1972 film, the timeless story found itself on the screens of 2024. Starring Khaled El Nabawi and Hala Shisha, Embratoryet Meem (Meem Empire) is a series that follows a family as they grapple with dynamics and power struggles.

Watch these top shows and more on Sling TV this Ramadan.

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