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Unleashing Thrills and Delight: Exploring Egypt’s Captivating Theme Parks

March 28, 2024
Photo Source: Instagram

Amidst its bustling nature and historical landmarks, Egypt, particularly Cairo, boasts a vibrant collection of captivating theme parks. 

El Malahy: Where Thrills and Culinary Delights Collide

Nestled in the heart of New Cairo, El Malahy stands as the latest addition to Egypt’s amusement park scene. The park opened in 2023 and is operational from 4 PM to 11 PM all week. During Ramadan, El Malahy operates from 4 PM to 2 AM on weekdays. On Fridays and Saturdays, the park extends its hours, welcoming visitors from 2 PM to 2 AM.

As the sun sets, the park comes alive with a myriad of games and attractions, leaving visitors on the edge of their seats. But it is not just about the heart-pounding rides; El Malahy also caters to food enthusiasts with a diverse range of dining options.

Photo Source: Instagram

Dream Park: Where Fantasies Come True

Dream Park, a timeless gem within the vast Dreamland residential compound in 6th of October City, has stood the test of time as a beloved destination for families seeking joy and enchantment. Sprawling across 150 acres, this park is divided into three distinct zones, ensuring that every family member finds their entertainment bliss. Children are transported to a world of myths, legends, and fairy tales, with nine rides and a captivating simulator theater. Meanwhile, the whole family can partake in the activities with an additional 12 rides designed for all ages. 

Within Dream Park, there are a number of dining options, ranging from fast-food cafés to diverse restaurants, to ensure that visitors’ culinary desires are satisfied. Additionally, the park offers a shopping experience with its array of souvenir shops and captivating performances at the Children’s Theater and Roman Theatre, adding an extra layer of fun to your visit.

Photo Source: Instagram

Magic Galaxy: A Universe of Indoor Amusement

For a truly magical experience, step into the largest indoor amusement center in Cairo’s Nasr City– Magic Galaxy. Bursting with attractions, this hot spot promises endless entertainment for all. From an indoor roller coaster to a cyber café and 90 video games, the center is a haven for thrill-seekers and gaming enthusiasts alike. 

Magic Galaxy also takes pride in crafting tailor-made packages for the little ones.

Aqua Park: Dive into Aquatic Splendor

As the scorching summer sun approaches, Aqua Park emerges as an oasis of aquatic fun and relaxation. Located just a short distance from Heliopolis, Cairo, this expansive park stands as the one of the largest Aqua Parks in Egypt

There, you can dive into a world of water slides, artificial sea wave pools, and five-star swimming pools that beckon visitors to cool off.. With its prime location and various aquatic wonders, Aqua Park offers a refreshing escape from the city heat.


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