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President Al-Sisi Inaugurates Third Term from Egypt’s New Administrative Capital

April 1, 2024

President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi will begin his third presidential term from the presidency headquarters at the New Administrative Capital (NAC) following his inauguration on Tuesday, announced Khaled Abbas, Managing Director and Board Chairman of the Administrative Capital for Urban Development (ACUD) Company.

Abbas stated that the capital is fully prepared for the inauguration and swearing-in ceremony, emphasizing the readiness of the facilities.

Parliamentary sources disclosed that members of the House have received invitations to attend the swearing-in session, which will also be attended by Senate members, political party leaders, and prominent public figures, as reported by media outlets.

Following the constitutional oath-taking, President Al-Sisi is expected to address the nation, as per reports.

The president secured his re-election in December 2023, garnering over 39.7 million votes, which accounted for 89.6 percent of the eligible votes cast. The National Elections Authority reported a total of 44.7 million ballots cast, with a turnout rate of 66.8 percent.

One of his megaprojects, during his years of presidency, has been the New Administrative Capital.

The construction of the New Administrative Capital, situated 60 km east of downtown Cairo, commenced in 2015. Encompassing an area of 1.5 million square meters—twice the size of Cairo governorate—the NAC is projected to accommodate 6.5 million residents upon completion.

Several ministries, and government entities, including the cabinet and parliament, have already relocated to the New Administrative Capital, along with thousands of public employees. Upon full operation, the NAC is expected to house 50,000 government employees.

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