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Cairo Governor Removes Ring Road Designs Over Alleged Plagiarism Claims

April 21, 2024


Cairo Governorate officials responded to accusations of plagiarism on social media concerning the ring road’s new visual identity. The artwork, which some social media users felt resembled the logo of an Italian organization, has now been taken down.

However, the Ministry of Higher Education clarified in a separate statement that the paintings were just an experiment.

Social media users pointed out a resemblance between Cairo Governorate’s new visual identity design and the logo of Terra Fertile,an Italian agricultural association. The design was also said to be similar to work by Italian design studio Ottone Studio, which appeared on their website and Pinterest profile.

The development of the ring road’s visual identity coincides with state efforts to prepare for the Grand Egyptian Museum’s opening.

The project began after Cairo’s Deputy Governor, Engineer Jihan Abdel Moneim, met with local officials to discuss development plans for the ring road. The meeting focused on finalizing a development work plan that addresses both visual aesthetics and functionality. This will involve improving road and traffic flow efficiency, along with refurbishing the facades of residential buildings bordering the ring road.

The ring road’s visual identity upgrade includes unifying building paint colors, installing billboards with distinctive elements, and incorporating greenery, trees, lighting, and displays.

The Ministry of Higher Education emphasized the continuation of the visual identity project. Dozens of innovative banners, designed by engineering students through a competition, are now being implemented. These designs are entirely original and ensure no resemblance to existing local or international ones.

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