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Egypt’s Initiatives for a Sustainable Future on International Mother Earth Day

April 22, 2024

This year marks the third celebration of Mother Earth Day, which falls on 22 April, within the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, emphasizing the crucial role ecosystems play in sustaining all life on Earth.

In Egypt, a nation rich in history and natural wonders, several initiatives are leading the way in promoting nature and well-being. 


Taking the lead in sustainable river cleaning, VeryNile is revolutionizing the fight against pollution in the Nile. This initiative combines social impact with environmental awareness, developing eco-friendly solutions to remove inorganic waste from the river. VeryNile aims to protect the Nile’s ecosystem while raising public consciousness about the importance of environmental preservation.

Photo Source: Instagram

Egypt’s Go Green Initiative 

Aligned with the National Sustainable Development Strategy “Egypt 2030,” the Go Green Initiative is a powerful movement that seeks to instill behavioral changes and environmental awareness among citizens, especially the youth. 

Spearheaded by the Ministry of Environment, this initiative promotes the protection of natural resources, marine life, and natural protectorates to ensure long-term sustainability. It encourages practices such as afforestation, waste recycling, energy conservation, air pollution reduction, and plastic use abatement, aiming to maintain ecosystem balance and create opportunities for economic and social development.

Photo Source: CSR Egypt


Founded in 2017 by two visionary friends, Shady and Medhat, Greenish empowers communities across Egypt to address pressing environmental challenges. Through collaboration with local, governmental, and international partners, Greenish implements impactful projects and provides training programs for environmental activists. 

Their success is evident in the establishment of Greenish Clubs, a network of environmentally conscious students in educational institutions. These clubs serve as platforms for students to raise awareness, take action, and foster environmental literacy within their communities.

Photo Source: Facebook

El Nafeza 

Bridging art and sustainability, El Nafeza foundation introduces eco-friendliness into contemporary art and development. By conducting workshops and establishing specialized centers, El Nafeza teaches young individuals the art of creating recycled paper from agricultural refuse, including rice straws, Nile water lilies, and banana stalks.

Photo Source: Facebook

As our community faces the challenges posed by climate change and environmental degradation, let’s draw inspiration from these initiatives that are transforming Egypt’s landscape. Their dedication to environmental preservation, community empowerment, and sustainable practices paves the way towards a greener and more resilient future for all.

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