InternsValley Reinforces a Culture of Collaboration between Startups and Students

InternsValley Reinforces a Culture of Collaboration between Startups and Students

InternsValley has announced the launch the second phase of a matching web platform called “Beta” where startups and students join efforts to exchange experiences following the success of the initial release.

Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) can now rely on talented employees who believe in their mission and form a team on a single mission.

InternsValley platform aims at connecting university students and fresh graduates with entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs to work together and exchange experiences. The platform provides students and graduates with opportunity to apply what they have learned in a real world in a practical training, and entrepreneurs on the other hand to build a proactive, passionate team with the ability to challenge flexibly without the cost being a constraint.

“Alpha” was launched early last year and has attracted 74 emerging projects and 4,900 university students to date.

In efforts to enforce a culture of collaboration, InternsValley integrates the entrepreneurial market with academic environments in universities to help reduce obstacles for startups and provide students with opportunities to learn about the job market prior to graduation.

InternsValley.com provides businesses with the ability to post their needs of young talents who are willing to participate in their projects as interns or trainees for a period ranging from one to three months or up to 6 months; it may reach 12 months. In many cases, permanent employment contracts are subsequently concluded with the employers if the trainees prove their worth, which is also an additional advantage that contributes to opening employment to university graduates based  only on professional competence.

According World Bank studies on emerging markets in Arab countries, four out of each five opportunities available in the job market, are provided by small and medium enterprises. Therefore these environments provide great opportunities for training besides easy access to them in contrast with major and global companies.

Through the initial release of the website, InternsValley has been able to achieve this goal in an excellent way and to have great interaction between students and companies on the platform.

The team was able to monitor and evaluate the interaction of users, collect observations and suggestions during the trial period and to learn from them during the development phase of the next release in attempts to further improve the site characteristics and maximize the benefit to them.

The new version enables both students and entrepreneurs to reach goals more efficiently. The new updates include new user interface featuring a very smooth experience to the user in a simple and easy way. It is also more compatible with most browsers to ensure design consistency for all users.

Secondly, it has a new student profile that serves as a brief resume that is more appropriate for university students and recent graduates and at the same time replies to questions of the startup and mid-sized companies who are looking for the right candidates. The new profile replaces traditional CVs and expresses the skills of the student in simple and clear way.

Thirdly, the New Dashboard or student’s account now includes a notification system that shows updates continuously to the user, such as the status of his application for a particular opportunity, informing the applicant of the transition from the waiting state to reviewing, determining whether it has been shortlisted or has been excluded from the opportunity.

InternsValley platform makes it easier and faster to connect companies with students. This will allow the largest number of students to receive training opportunities that develop their skills and open doors for professional practice. It also saves time and resources for entrepreneurs when choosing members of their team, without dumping among the hundreds of irrelevant CVs of costly full timers.

InternsValley team hopes that the new website will appeal to its users and help convey their vision as a link between the academic community and the business world, especially entrepreneurial, to boost interaction between them, to increase employment rates in our country, release youth energies for learning and innovation, to become a source of talents that contributes to the rise of startups and med-sized companies in the near future and to function as means to economic growth of our societies to evolve and flourish.

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