Horrific Child Abuse in Egypt Orphanage Uncovered

Horrific Child Abuse in Egypt Orphanage Uncovered

Egyptian social media users have erupted in anger following the circulation of a video showing the horrific child abuse of multiple orphans.

The video (above) shows the manager of ‘Dar Mecca Al-Mokarama Orphanage’ on Al-Haram Street in Giza beating young children by kicking them, hitting them with a long stick and spanking them after they opened the fridge and turned on the television.

The manager, identified as Osama Mohamed Othman, is shown brutally beating the orphans and kicking them away, as they run away screaming in pain and crying.

Egyptian social media users have called for the man’s arrest and an investigation into the orphanage.

Update: The man caught on the video abusing the orphans has been arrested by local authorities and the orphans have been transferred to a new orphanage.

According to the Minister of Social Solidarity Ghada Wali, an investigation has been opened into the abuse and the children have been moved to a new orphanage for their safety.

Meanwhile, Al-Ahram has quoted the wife of the orphanage as claiming to have released the video of the child abuse to ‘expose her husband.’

“He used to beat the children and that’s why I filmed him and uploaded it online: in order to expose him,” said Elham Eid Awad to Al-Ahram.

  • Witty Bugs

    Please leave me alone 1 hour with this MFker! Just one hour…!

  • faith

    This so sad why some people are so harsh to children…egyptian sreet please help this baby too..there is a video in clashdaily blog of a woman beating a newborn baby..please..its so heartbreaking

  • jedda

    That woman should be protected, to do this over there takes a special kind of bravery ..

  • Teresa Cook

    He should be stoned to death for doing this to these babies.

  • hbragg

    Im sure, hoping…. that the prisoners saw this and they will definitely give him back what he deserves. .. over and over and over. .. it will ask come back to him. Im sure the wife got beat a well. That’s why she had to hide and record this.praise Jesus for letting this situation get under control.

  • JaTaun Paino

    I feel for these children. Countless people want orphans for monetary purposes. But beating the for being hungry and wanting to watch T.V….NO

    • Jessica

      They don’t get any more for that

  • Anonymous


  • Lisa Thomas Kriegar

    Good for her!

  • Hollywood-Cutts

    he should have done to him what he has done to these defensless and hunry children. BUT on a much harsher level. By being hit and punched and kicked into submission by at least 12 or more men 3 times his size and weight or strength. Then stripped namked and exposed for all to do the same.
    Children no matter who they are or what contenant they live on or the color and ethnic background is. They all have the right to be happy , healthy and be able to have food when needed. This wife should have exposed him after the first time he did this.
    or at least shot his knee caps and crippled him for life so he’d never hurt another child again. But at least now there is actual proof of him doing this. If only we could expose all the problems children suffer like this. and prevent it from ever happening again.

  • Christine

    I’m shocked to hear this is quite common in Egypt, what have these kids done to deserve such brutality. The authorities should be ashamed of themselves to allow this brutality or is this the side of Egypt that is hidden from tourists
    There is no need for violence as john Lennon says. Love is all you need
    Ps. Good to see this man has been arrested, let’s hope he receives justice and doesn’t bribe his way out of trouble

  • mike

    That Muppet is a fucking cunt!! Would love to beat the fuck out of him!!!

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  • Lee-Anne

    I am in awe of his wife!!!! I salute her for her braveness!!!!

    • jedda

      I agree with you Lee-Anne , she is a very brave woman , God bless her

  • Lee-Anne

    My goodness – all i can say is “Thank God he is not in my presence” i would do justice – i can promise u that much!!!

  • Alexandria Bostic

    they’re probably going to let his stupid ass go, then he’ll probably get back at his wife for exposing him. They don’t give two shits about women or children over there

  • Mart Allen

    so fucking sexy

  • neil

    if i ever got to meet this bastard face to face i would kill this cunt,, yes you are a cunt and would give anything to have you in a room for 5mins BASTARD

  • Saz

    The only reason they’ve done something about this man is because the video has gone viral outside of Egypt. They Egyptian authorities have to keep up good appearances because the world is watching to see what they do about this horrific oxygen theif. They’ll probably let him go and the punishment won’t be as painful as he deserves. I grew up in Iraq until I was 7, I saw parents heating a spoon on the stove and burning their children’s hands with them. I was fortunate that my mother never followed that inhuman behaviour but sadly, that’s how the world is in most poor uneducated countries. We all want to do something about it, but the truth is, there are millions of kids living in horrific fear and not enough people willing to take on a child to save. The best thing to do, is ban people from those countries having children until they learn how be good loving parents. I have a daughte, so watching those children being beaten has literally torn my heart. The first time I watched it, I had to stop 30 seconds into it because I couldn’t bare to watch any more but then I forced myself to watch it because those poor children were living it. I can honestly say that I cried for a good 20 mins if not more. I haven’t been able to watch it again because it’s so animalistic. I am so angry that 20 years on from my childhood, this still goes on.

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  • christina

    This hideous animal would be dead if he EVER put his hands on my children or grand children like that!!!! How the hell do you beat a child like that you pathetic worthless piece of trash!!! I`m a woman and if they put me toe to toe with this beast id bring his evil soul down to his knees and he would beg for mercy over and over!!

    No man has ever raised they`re` hands to me or my children and hopefully for they`re sake they never do!! Im one woman who would not stand there and take it!
    i could feel the pain being inflicted on the little hands:*(((
    Why are some men so abusive to women and children???He`s a sissy wimp and afraid to stand up to a man!! I hope these children remember him and grow up and track his ass down and all beat him at the same time with baseball bats!!! You are clearly pure evil and come from the hell`s of fire you beastly dog!!!
    No man in any country should put a hand on women or children!!

    God does not condone this behavior in any religion!!!!

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  • Kimberly

    Hmmm…looks just like ONE of the kinds of “discipline” I got as a kid. Poor little things.

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  • Jose Luis Garcia

    les mando saludos desde MEXICO y comentarles que una gran indignacion ( en lo personal me enfurecio) a causado este video aqui y el cual se sigue difundiendo y deseamos que haya justicia a estos niños (aunque pensandolo a modo personal me gustaria que hubiera alguien que le enseñara a ser hombre y le aplicara el ojo por ojo diente por diente a este sujeto haber si en verdad es tan hombresito como se fve con los niños inocentes) gracias y disculpen mi enojo y colera a expresarme lo que desato el video de estas acciones

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  • kasturi lal lhaore amritsar

    it was terribel to see the video of cruel manager beating innocent look like our own children .it is unbearable to learn that how long the kids were being tourchared by the evil soul.I request Egyptian people and Human Rights orgnisations to take
    action against cruel manager .After watching video i and my family was unable to eat or drink any thing .i am realising fear of the demon in dreems .I Request Egyptian govt to remove the Hands and Feet of cruel manager Osama Mohamed othman to teach lesson to other cruel Teacher/manager/people Etc.I also salute holy brave lady who dare to make video and delivered information to police. i want to know cell phone/land line phone of police authorities where accused is kept and phone no of
    Dar Mecca Al-mokaram ophanage. please provide information on my mail +919530805970

  • kasturi lal lhaore amritsar

    i am an Indian citizen

  • Robin Taylor

    As an American having lived in Cairo, Egypt in 2012 – 2013 – I witnessed the beating of children quite often. It was horrific! Grown women were not treated much better. So many uneducated people with so much anger and hate. Their prophet Mohamed was the same way and was a pedophile, liar, murderer and thief. This is who Egyptian Muslim’s love and follow. Very VERY disturbed country. I’ll NEVER go back!

  • Terry Ford

    Hang him

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  • TechSavvy

    Shoot This man in His Balls and then put him in Acid and then throw him to sharks

  • EL

    Orphan is not symbol of powerlessness.

  • Reem

    The sad part is that this probably happens in every orphanage in the entire country. I really hope these investigations don’t stop at just this one orphanage, because these kids deserve better, even if their parents aren’t around to fight for them, we should all be fighting on their behalf

  • walid elsawi

    this is egypt, nothing’s gonna happen to him…

  • EU citizen

    now thats some spanking

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  • Raynard Stevens

    Bunch of P.C. liberal idiots here. i would be appalled by sexual abuse or any physical abuse more serious then this. But this was a typical spanking that was no different then our own American practices. we dont know what they did wrong do we? I never got beatings as a kid. but i know many who did and they learned to behave due to those beatings. Some kids need it , some dont. We are getting so soft now and raising disrespectful punks on account of it. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • Mahmoud Yusef

      They opened the fridge’s door. That’s what he’s saying in the video ( how dare you open the fridge’s door ,,what if it gets ruined? ) ,, if you got spanked this hard during your childhood for opening the fridge’s door,Then I really feel bad for you !

      • Devlin

        Not to mention these are fairly young children too. Beating toddlers is not accepted RAY RAY. Society has changed.

    • Cyrus

      These are orphans, who have no parents or family, getting beaten and kicked, you dumb idiot!! … there should be some serious limit for what you can say as an online troll!!

      • Devlin

        I can tell you now, if there were still orphanages in the US, which btw, there aren’t, people like this wouldn’t be half as much worried about the law but of the community. Would have to have the law protect the perp from the community from hanging him from the nearest tallest tree or building.

    • sanwel11

      Are you serious!! A beating is a beating…maybe you should not speak on things you don’t know!! No child should be beat…period!! I was beat as a child and know there usually is not a reason for a person to just plain be abusive…but you know what…he is very afraid of me now…And I happen to NOT be Liberal…just a human being!!

      • Guest

        No child should be beat…period!! I was beat as a child…..AHH, yeah, sanwell. No offense, but you make no sense. And he’s afraid of you now? Okkkay? Ummm, a beating that’s not justifiable by any means is called abuse. LOOK up the meaning of abuse. Abuse is the improper usage or treatment of an entity/ person.

      • Cecilia Greco

        Abuse is the improper usage or treatment of an entity/person.

      • Cecilia Greco

        Can we have “smart” people commenting on this?. Pleaseeee!

    • Cecilia Greco

      This is ABUSE!!. There are ways to discipline a child and this isn’t one of them Raynard Stevens. Good thing you didn’t say this to my face, I would of giving you a good beating for commenting. According to you this is totally justifiable. BTW is that your father in the picture?, I hope he suffered when he died. Peace!

      • Devlin

        Well, that ain’t right either to say that. lol

    • Jaime Coutroulis

      What a colossal moron you are, Raynard. “Liberalism is a mental disorder”? Really. Thinking that beating innocent children, orphans with no parents, no less…for opening the fridge?!?! That type of thinking is where the mental disorder lies. I hope to God that you live alone, with no significant other or children. You are severely twisted. Peace.

      • Devlin

        Ray Ray unfortunately lives in the 1950’s still.

    • Concerned American

      Having spent a lot of time in Egypt, and having studied a lot of reports on orphanages and street children, as well as the systemic powerlessness of women, I have to categorically acknowledge that you are ill-informed and WRONG. If a woman in Egypt speaks against her husband, the abuse must be constant and horrific. This woman was risking her health and life to report her husband. And the abuse depicted is not a “spanking.” Orphans are among the most marginalized of Egypt’s citizens, which means they are in need of the most care and support. Maybe you should visit Egypt to see the dynamics of abuse of children without parents. Let me know, I will be glad to show you around.

    • Ice heart

      Omg you seriously think spanking is ok??? How about spanking you up for being such a pathatic loser??? After all according to you it’s the only way to make you a better person.. Every single child need love attention and very delicate handling. There are thousand loveable ways to make a human baby a better human.

    • Devlin

      in the mix of course of the toddlers, there are also pre-schoolers, so before you come back with what you think you know, its still wrong to beat preschoolers too.

    • neil

      if you took the time and read the post you would have saw it was for opening the fridge door and turning on the tv, so u think it is ok to beat children round the hands with a lump of wood and then stick the boot in them, my god man what kind of up bringing did u have, hope u dont have kids or god help them,

      • salma torrez

        What really breaks my heart is he hits the children with what looks like a hard stick at the same time calling them children of dogs i was in tears

    • Donnieinky

      You’re an idiot, no child deserves this!!

    • len

      You are one that beats children I suppose?? How dare you say that some kids need it to learn to behave!! Beating a child does not correct their behaviour, no one has the right to even hurt a tiny part of a child’s body! You got a MENTAL DISORDER, go see a physchiatrist!!

    • nicola ubah

      how can you be so heartless these are children for gods sake-shame on you

    • a real mother

      Hopefully you don’t ever have children

    • Cyndi Muranyi

      spankings are one thing. But this was abuse. Kicking a child is never right, children that small 3 swats with an open hand would be ok on the bottom. check to see if it was brutal.. Take a wooden spoon and slap the palm of your own hand as hard as you can 3 times. Now think about a child receiving that, still think its alright to do? I believe in spanking but there is a limit. I think it works well on adults too. Do unto others.

  • Ann Murphy

    Watching this was torturous and I hope the man is punished in the same way that he punished those children. A public flogging might teach him how it feels to be beaten by someone bigger and stronger than him.
    Unfortunately abuse like this is the norm, not the exception. I see it every day here in Luxor. Teachers do it, although now they are held accountable, if the child is brave enough to tell their parents. Children are beaten here everyday. If you were to spend some time in a house in a normal Egyptian village you would see it all around you. Children are given no boundaries in the poorer homes and communities and are left to pretty much fend for themselves. Their parents were brought up with abuse and poverty and so that is all they know. Men beat their wives, wives and husbands beat their children and on it goes down through the generations. It often reminds me of the cruelty of Dickensian England.
    People who are brought up with abuse know no other way. That’s no excuse, but I know the dynamics of abuse intimately!
    There is no accountability. No sense of responsibility. No education about abuse, boundaries or healthy personal power. Those men who were themselves abused in childhood often go on to be abusers. The women in poorer towns are so emotionally damaged that they cannot connect to their own children and so they are left to look after themselves.
    That man’s wife is a brave woman to be sure. I did wonder who had filmed it. The minister in charge of the orphanage, which is government funded, like so many others, made his pathetic excuses. They don’t care. So long as they have the power and money they don’t bother supervising these places and so no-one knows how the children are being treated.
    This is only the tip of the iceberg. There is absolutely no support for abused people, children etc. There is no education. There is not enough money.
    This man is only one of many. I listen to my husband’s stories of his own childhood education and it wasn’t much different to this man’s treatment of those poor kids.
    But the children have been moved to another orphanage. What other support do they receive? Moving them is a good thing but what now for them? What healing are they given? Giving all of our anger to the perpetrator is one thing, but we can’t forget the kids who are going to grow up with this abuse in their little hearts. I hope that they are treated well where they are now.

    • Cyndi Muranyi

      I agree

  • michael

    This man should be hang in Tahrir square and be hit by every Egyptian to punish him, and then put in jail for life

    • Matthew Zaleskas

      Not just every Egyptian. Please open the beatings up to the world. Anyone who loves and fears for the safety of children should be allowed to get a whack at him.

      • michael

        that is even better,

    • Rory

      You aint lying.

  • trista

    Sick child abusers everywhere need to be locked up I’m not Egyptian or from Egypt but my heart goes out to those children and children everywhere enduring abuse at the hand of those who are supposed to love and protect them

  • fatmedayekh

    This guy should be arrested and beaten to death allahh laywaf2ak hayawan

  • Kate Ebert Keeling

    What can be done? Is this a private orphanage? Government subsidized? I want to be a supporter of the people of Egypt. How could I help?

    • Cinder

      His wife testified against him. She was very brave!!

      • Concerned American

        YES she was! It is very dangerous for a woman to report her husband to the police, no matter where you live. But for this woman, in this neighborhood, it is amazing bravery. She is a hero for the community.

        • Cyndi Muranyi

          Very brave woman

    • Ann Murphy

      That’s the response I always have too…to help…but that is not easy. If you can find a good ngo or charity which deals directly with supporting orphanage,s that might be one way. Another way is to study them and then write about them. Education and healing is possibly the only way that stuff like this will stop…but it will take years.
      It is very difficult to know to be honest. So much needs changing…
      I live in the middle of it and I see this every day. I am managing, in a very small way, to influence how my own family here in Luxor, deal with children, so that they don’t grow up themselves to do what their parents did. No mean feat as it can take a couple of generations to change family dynamics and in this culture that might take even longer. But you have to start somewhere.
      I hope you find a way.
      Share the video too, and maybe someone around you will help you too.

  • Abir Chaaban

    This is horrible

  • yvonne bellamy

    Thoughly brutal and disgusting get this man and beat hom up then hang him from the bolloks or cut his throat now look for him quik befor he escapesllllllllll

  • George Goubran

    No wonder after this they hit their wives and children, and the beaten will hit back when they grow up!.it begs the question WHY?! for what end? btw do you think if any of these kids was sexually abused he/she is gonna dare say a word?

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