In Photos: Egyptians across the world choose Egypt’s next president

In Photos: Egyptians across the world choose Egypt’s next president
Credit: Reuters
Credit: Reuters

Egyptians living abroad have kicked off voting on Egypt’s new President, with polling stations in Australia and New Zealand being the first to open.

Long lines of voters were witnessed in the United Arab Emirates at Egypt’s embassy in Abu Dhabi moments after voting opened. In Australia’s Melbourne, queues of Egyptians also lined up to vote shortly after the embassy commenced the ballot.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at least 105,000 Egyptian expats have participated in the vote so far, with more than two days left until voting closes. In January 2014, 107,000 Egyptians in total voted in the constitutional referendum.

Below is a collection of photographs, which will be updated as more arrive, from across the world as Egyptians head to their embassies and consulates to cast their ballots.

Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Credit: Mamdouh Salem
Credit: Mamdouh Salem
Credit: Mamdouh Salem



Credit: Mamdouh Salem
Credit: Mamdouh Salem

Amman (Jordan)


Credit: Reuters
Credit: Reuters


Beirut (Lebanon)


Doha (Qatar)




Dubai (UAE)


Credit: Reuters
Credit: Reuters

 Frankfurt (Germany)


Istanbul (Turkey)

Credit: Nariman Essam El-Din El-Mansoury
Credit: Nariman Essam El-Din El-Mansoury

Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)



Kuwait City (Kuwait)

Credit: Yasmine Zikry
Credit: Yasmine Zikry


London (United Kingdom)


Melbourne (Australia)


Milan (Italy)


New York (United States of America)



Credit: EPA
Credit: EPA
Credit: EPA
Credit: EPA

Paris (France)


Credit: Mina Younan
Credit: Mina Younan

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

Credit: Hosam Khattab
Credit: Hosam Khattab



Egyptians holding national flags smile and pose as they arrive to cast their votes for the presidential election at the Egyptian embassy in Riyadh

Sydney (Australia)

Bishop Daniel of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Sydney along with Egypt's Consul General Ayman Kamel and others.
Bishop Daniel of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Sydney along with Egypt’s Consul General Ayman Kamel and others.


The Hague (Holland)


Wellington (New Zealand)



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    1- القيادي الإخواني وليد خطاب: سنغرق الشوارع “بالدم”.. وضباط الشرطة والجيش ليس لهم عندنا دية
    Muslim Brotherhood leader Walid Khatab says “The streets would sink in blood and the police and army are of no value to us

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  • Dr Mustapha Tahir: This looks like a very impressive turn out for Egypt. Good for democracy.
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    15 May 2014


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